Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

Your girlfriend, now in the very image of Hermione Granger, stands up and moves over to you. One hand rubs along the outline of your huge shaft running down your trousers, while the other reaches around your shoulders pulling her in close to your ear.

“I’m not going to let you fuck me with this, Ross, but what if I had one and used it on the professor?” she whispers as her fingers go from tracing your swollen head to weighing your ample sack.

You have never thought about Rachel having a penis but the way she working yours leaves no doubt as to how turned on she is.

With a wave of your wand it begins. She staggers back with a throaty moan. Her hands run from her neck, over her breasts, and down her stomach to press into her crotch. Rachel sitst down on a desktop to steady herself as she is hit with more magic. Hermione’s schoolgirl skirt begins to bulge. She reaches up and you can hear the tear of stockings. Your girlfriend in Hermione’s body is breathing heavily with her legs slightly open but the skirt hides the new addition from sight.

“You need to be careful,” Professor McGonagall warns. You had forgotten she was still in the classroom. “You are working with powerful magic.”

“Give me something sexy to wear,” Rachel commands as she steps towards the Professor.

As she draws near to the aging teacher you enact another spell. Hermione’s top shrinks, leaving her stomach exposed and dropping her collar down to expose more of her cleavage. Her red and gold scarf coils tight around her neck and becomes a lace choker. The black shoes she’s wearing lift to heels and extend into knee high boots. Lastly her stockings rip in numerous places as the skirt shrinks, finally revealing the tip and shaft of a giant lady-cock.

Rachel in her slutty outfit and in Hermione’s body has McGonagall trapped at the side of her desk. She tosses off her school robes letting you get a good look from behind. The skirt exposes the bottom of her ass cheeks and you can see the large balls and shaft dangling between her legs.

“Professor,” she says airily. “I need your help with something.”