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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

“Sorry, guys. I got a little carried away,” you say.

“No shit. But now there’s quite a few of us waiting for some time now. Can we get this show back on the road?”

Honestly, you wouldn’t mind going back home. But since this was Rachel’s fantasy you look towards her, sitting on the floor with cum between her legs and on her face.

“I have a better idea,” she says with a really naughty grin, “bring me a martini glass from the bar.”

You two look confused for a second so she scoots up with a scoff and, naked and wet, goes out to the bar. You’re legitimately concerned about this but she returns a few minutes later unharmed. You figure people were simply too shocked at her appearance to do anything about it out there.

Standing outside the toilet stall in the more spacious bathroom area, she drops to her knees and says, while cleaning up the remaining cum from her face, “There’s only one way this is going down. Y’all are gonna give me a sperm cocktail.”

You hear loud cheers and people commenting on how amazing your girlfriend is. You don’t mind this too much either. It’d be kinda hot.

And not a minute too soon the people standing in line surround Rachel and whip their cocks out. She immediately keeps the glass down and starts sucking them off. With her mouth and hands, at any given point she’s engaging three cocks. The guy currently in her mouth holds her voluminous, luscious mane of wavy hair and pushes his dick all the way past her soft, plump, lipstick-smeared lips and makes her gag ever so slightly. He releases her with a groan and makes way for the next cock. Your girlfriend also seems to be possessed with a renewed zeal. She’s goading them to be rougher and stuff it deep in her throat. When she doesn’t have a dick in her mouth, she’s jerking two cocks rather roughly and you wonder if it’s hurting the guys. Meanwhile, through gritted teeth she says, “Yeah, come on. Give it to me you pussies. Is that all you got? You scared of hurting me? That’s fucking cute”

One of the guys steps forward and slides his dick into her wet mouth. She pokes her tongue out from under it and licks his shaft.

Pretty soon, the guys are close to cumming and Rachel, with a sloppy, slutty face, notices this. She picks up the glass and holds it in front of her face, inviting the guys to cum.

“You guys ready to get me a drink?” she asks, rubbing her cunt with her other hand.

One guy steps up and is frantically jerking off. She looks into his eyes and says, “Yes, baby, cum to my dirty, slutty face. Give me your juice.”

He moans and shoots a considerable load directly into the glass.

“Mmmmmm,” your girlfriend moans, “looks tasty!”

Another guy steps up and dribbles a smaller load inside. The third guy was having trouble shooting so she ran her nails over his thighs, ass, and balls, constantly dirty-talking, “Please, Daddy. Give me your cum. I want it so badly good God I need it. I need it in my mouth, Daddy, I need your cum please…”

By the time everyone’s done, the glass is literally half-full with jizz. Rachel looks at it, commenting, “This is the best night of my life. I’ve never seen so much cum at once before.”

She inhales the scent deeply and nearly throws up, but then laughs, “Oh man, I’m such a filthy tramp. Cheers!”

She downs it all in one gulp, and then smacks her lips, opening her mouth for all to see.

“Holy fuck, gal,” someone comments, “that’s the hottest shit I’ve ever seen.”