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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Wifes-out...)

Your girlfriend steps next to the bed and ever so gingerly kisses Julie on the lips.

“What about Allie?” Julie whispers as she pushes Rachel back.

“She wants this baby as much as you do,” Rachel replies as she leans in and kisses Julie’s chin.

“But it feels like cheating.”

Your girlfriend has put her hands on Julie’s bare hips and is looking deep into her eyes. “Means to an end… It’s just a sexy toy, and I’m just a nurse artificially impregnating you.”

“But you’re so damn fine…” Julie whispers, and then looks horrified as she hadn’t meant to say it out loud.

Rachel takes a chance and grabs the shaved side of Julie’s head and pulls her in for a French kiss. There’s a long moment of wet kissing sounds and throaty moans. Julie’s hand is now exploring up your girlfriend’s belly to cup her breast. Rachel has reached between her friend’s legs and you can see her middle finger massaging the pussy poised above your groin.

The make-out lasts a little longer with Rachel’s finger entering Julie. Your cock twitches as you watch the knuckles disappear and reappear as they gently caress in and out.

Suddenly Julie breaks it off. “I really need to talk to Allie.”