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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

Just as Rachel releases the zipper and pulls open your pants you slowly start to speak. “Rachel, I’ve got a few concerns about this…”

Your girlfriend stops in her tracks leaning back on her heels, a slight frown appearing on her face.

“What about John?” you ask.

“Oh, don’t worry about him, Ross” Rachel cuts you off. “He’ll definitely still get in on the action!” she goes on, a smile returning to her face.

“Jeez Rachel, that’s not what I meant. Can he be trusted? You know what I mean. I don’t want things to get way outta hand…”

“Oh, that won’t be an issue. John explained that the plan is to keep each guy in the dark. He even said he’ll be careful who he approaches, and swear them to secrecy. He’s doesn’t want to ruin my reputation. See, he really is a good guy!”

“Yeah, you keep saying that, but he was talking about you being his ‘work slut’ wasn’t he?” you reply a little peevishly.

“Well, I doubt he wants to mess things up. I have a suspicion that he wants to use me for his professional gain as much as much as his sexual gratification, haha!” laughs your girlfriend.

“Okaaaay…” you stammer, “so he wants pimp you out to the senior management then? That’s his plan? That’s not too far-fetched I guess…”

Rachel reaches out for your open pants. “Maybe. But we both know that I have a bit of a reputation for being outspoken about women in the workplace. And let’s face it, it’s a dick-fest where I work. So I think I’ll need to get more than a few of the general staff on side too…”

“What! Like who?”

“Well… there’s one that immediately comes to mind. You know, that dude who said ‘while you’re down there’ when he stood next to me kneeling down at the copier replacing the paper jam? He’s really the ringleader I guess. So getting him on-board would be a first step?”

“Seriously? That’s dude? Surely you’re joking! He’s a sleazebag!” you exclaim, eyes bugging out of your head.

Rachel slowly nods her head. “Yeah. That’d make it so much easier though. Anyway, it’d be kinda kinky though don’t ya think? Watching that sleaze use your little girlfriend like some cheap slut? I’m pretty sure he’d be right into it…” Rachel trails off, looking at your twitching member. “Looks like he’s not the only one, hey Ross?”

With that, Rachel finally leans in and takes your dick deep into her mouth. She slowly sinks her mouth down until her lips touch your public hair and makes a great show of clasping her hands behind her back. Within seconds you can’t hold back and shoot what little remains of the cum in your balls into her hot wet mouth. Rachel slowly slides her lips back and smiles.

“Wow, so much for staying power, Ross. Not your fault really though is it? That’s the first time I’ve done that for you isn’t it? If that’s what John could teach me to do his first time, imagine what new tricks I could learn from a total sleaze?” giggles Rachel. “Oh God, there must be so many things I could learn if I work my way through the whole department!”

At this point you don’t know what to say. Your two heads are urging you in different directions. Is the possibility of collecting a whole library of personal pornos starring your girlfriend worth the risk? Should you call it off altogether, or try to convince Rachel to play it safe and only include her boss in the fantasy?