Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

“Whoa Rachel! Hold on a minute!” you reply. Shifting back in the chair you continue, “This is moving along pretty fast. Don’t get me wrong, a promotion would be great, and blowing your boss is one thing. But seriously?”

Your girlfriend stops in her tracks leaning back on her heels, and slight frown appears on her face. “But I thought you were into this? I mean, well, just look at your pants. Don’t tell me you didn’t have fun too?”

“Yeah, sure. But you’re talking about working your way through the whole department! What was going through your brain?”

“Mostly his cock. You saw the size of it Ross, haha!” laughs your girlfriend before seeing the shock on your face. “Sorry. Trying to lighten the mood. Too soon?”

Rachel sits there silently, thinking for a few seconds. “Okay, I guess you have a point. I am getting carried away a bit aren’t I? It’s just that. Hmmm. It’s just that… I’ve always had a little bit of slut in me. You know that. Hell, you got to see a bit of her in the early days when we first started going out…”

Both of you blush a little, remembering the good old days all those years ago. Sex in the kitchen, the heavy-duty groping in the park, how she used to scream ‘Fuck the shit outta me!’ when you took her from behind. You dick swells as you think back. Man, did you have it good back then. Rachel snaps you out of your fond memories.

“I don’t know what happened, but she just went away. I thought this little fantasy might recapture a small bit of the good old days…” Rachel trails off.


“It worked. Waaaay better than I expected,” blushes Rachel, looking away.

“So you found the little bit of inner slut then?” you laugh at your girlfriend’s embarrassment.

“Big time. You have no idea, Ross.”

“Really? I think I might. That was a quite a show just now, Rachel. What was it that did the trick? Realizing that I think you really are sexy? Knowing another man does too?” you inquire.

“Not really” Rachel replies. Looking up, she goes on, “John’s cock was big. All I could think of was how much I loved Snickers”.

“What? His cock reminded you of a chocolate bar?”

“Not exactly. But could never get enough of Snickers back in the day. It really satisfied, as the saying goes, haha!” giggles Rachel covering her mouth, “I’d forgotten how true that is!”

“Oh. I get it. An old boyfriend,” you mutter, feeling a little insulted.

“Not the boyfriend exactly — he as a bit of a jerk actually — his cock. It’s what I called his cock. Big, thick, and reaaalllly satisfying,” purrs Rachel as her hands slide up her thighs.

“Jesus Rachel! You sound like some sorta size-queen!”

“Take it easy Ross! I’ve been with other guys with normal-sized dicks. I’m with you aren’t I?” retorts Rachel as she jumps to her feet, clearly a bit hurt by your slur. You can’t help but stare at your girlfriend’s naked body as her pale flesh quivers from the sudden movement. Your dick twitches again in spite of yourself.

“Gee thanks!”

“You know what I mean! I’m happy with you, and your dick fits me just fine,” says Rachel, beginning to calm down, “It’s just that John’s big cock woke up that slut in me. You’ve never seen anything like her Ross… it was kinda embarrassing. I used to beg for Snickers like a cheap whore. He was such a jerk about it, but I couldn’t help it. Anyway, it didn’t last that long. The relationship, that is, not the sex obviously, haha!”

“Wow. So that’s where the whole ‘a girls gotta get laid’ came from huh? I was wondering why you didn’t jump my bones. Now I know.”

Rachel seems to ignore you as she marches over to where you’re sitting in the chair and straddles you, sliding her soaking wet pussy down your member. “Shut up and fuck the shit outta me, Ross!”