Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ErosBen...)

“Okay, don’t think for one moment that I’m crazy or something…” Rachel pauses shyly, then continues, “but I’ve been fantasizing about making love to… you know…”

You look at her, waiting for her to drop the bombshell.

“I have cravings for Fernanda, our next door neighbor and-”

“You what?” you cry, jumping at the mention of Fernanda. You know that if you allow your girlfriend anywhere near Fernanda, your secret sexual affair with Fernanda will come out into the open. You sit up and point your finger at her. “No, there is no way I can accept that,” you tell her.

Rachel is surprised by your reaction and she can’t help but ask why. “Ross, is there a problem being with Fernanda? I mean you said you’d do anything to please me.”

You don’t have an explanation to give her so you invent one. “I mean think of it, she is our next door neighbor. You know how the neighbors talk a lot.”

Rachel is silent and from the look on her face she’s feeling bad you’re not giving her the go ahead with Fernanda. Her hands move to her pussy and she pushes two fingers into it. You watch as she plays with herself. You feel your dick getting stronger and you move closer to her, wanting to help her. She puts her right arm around your shoulder and your lips inch closer…

“Fernanda,” she whispers.

“What about her?”

“I want her, Ross.” She presses her lips to yours and lock you in a romantic kiss.

“No, Rachel. She is off limits,” you say as you break off.

“It’s my secret fantasy, Ross.”