Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ErosBen...)

“I want to fuck your best friend while you fuck mine!” says your girlfriend.

Her suggestion is totally out of the blue, and you’re a bit taken aback by it.

“I dunno…” you start, but you’re soon cut off as she starts to tongue wrestle, and a hand sneaks into your boxers, stroking your half-erect cock.

“Imagine Monica riding you, while Jamie’s pounding me from behind,” she whispers into your ear as she starts stroking your now-erect dick through your underwear. She moves down, and kisses the bulge through the fabric.

As she pulls down the offending garment, she says, “Maybe you and Jamie can stroke each other off while Monica and I fuck…” She pauses her ministrations to look up at you with puppy eyes. You’ve always had a bisexual streak, and imagining it causes your hard-on to twitch, hitting her on the nose.

The sight of Rachel acting all cutesy has you flustered, and you delegate the job of thinking to your other ‘head’. Well, what could go wrong? Jamie’s pretty hot, and Monica’s shapely ass and full bust are nothing to scoff at.

“Well, no harm in trying,” you reply. You see the joy on Rachel’s face, as she starts bobbing up and down on your tool, and strokes you hard until you cum all over her face, something she only allows when she’s really happy.

“What now, my love?” you ask.

“I’ll get Monica, and you’re gonna convince Jamie,” she replies. “We’re gonna have the weekend of our lives! I wanna try out all possible positions and combinations involving the four of us!” Your girlfriend sounds giddy with excitement, her voice higher than what you thought possible.

You now have to focus on the task at hand: Seducing Jamie!