Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Hvast...)

“The deal is off!” You hear Monica’s angry voice. “You can take your money and stuff it in your asses!” She looks like she absolutely dislikes being treated like that. “Untie me now!”

Before you have a chance to say anything, Rachel answers with a surprisingly steel cold voice “No, no, no…” Your girlfriend shakes her head. “You can’t just take all the fun from me.”

“Rachel! It was gross. It was humiliating! I expected a few dirty words, some rough sex and nothing more. Please, Let’s stop this. I don’t want to continue” It is slightly amusing how Monica went from demands to outright pleading.

“Gross? Humiliating? I’ll show you something gross and humiliating!” Rachel turns to you and asks you with a smile, “Honey, do you want to see something hot and nasty?”

You glance at Monica, briefly considering letting her go, but your recent memory of owning her completely forces that idea to go away. “Sure, honey. What you have in mind?”

“It’s a surprise,” Rachel says with a devious smile. “Sit on the chair, enjoy the sight and you’ll get hard for the second round with our slave in no time.”

You can’t say no to this offer. You step back from the Rachel’s bound friend, sit in a chair and prepare for the upcoming hot show. What has Rachel in mind? There are dozens of possibilities and merely thinking about them forces your cock to twitch again.