Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Sixty5...)

As much as you want to scream, you hold it. Knowing it might ruin the night if you do so.

Rachel starts thrusting in and out of your ass. Soon pain turns into an odd pleasure; every time the strap-on fills you up, you feel a jolt of unmatched ecstacy. Your dick has grown harder then it ever has before.

“D… D… Deeper!” you rasp out.

Rachel suddenly stops her thrusting, leaving the strap-on very deep in your asshole. “What was that slave? Did you just command something of your Mistress?” Rachel says with a threatening undertone to her voice.

“No I… I…” you stammer, desperately trying to get her to start stimulating you once again.

“Shut it bitch, I am your Mistress and your Goddess. If you want something from me you better start begging,” Rachel shouts with a fury you never seen in her before.

You sit in a stunned silence, unable to process what is happening.

“GET BEGGING BITCH!” Rachel yells, irritated with your inactivity.

“Oh Goddess please fuck me, fuck me deep in my asshole; FUCK ME HARD!” You beg like a champ and your outburst seems to satisfy your Goddess as she starts butt-fucking you at a harder pace than before.

Soon you find yourself on the edge of an orgasm and you can’t help but call it out. “Goddess, I am close!”yYou say through your ragged breathing.

As suddenly as before she stops and slips the dildo out of your now-stretched asshole.

“W… What?” you ask, feeling robbed of an orgasm, especially one that was building up to be so intense.

“You know my friend Monica. She’s coming over to have a few a few drinks. After that we’re both going humiliate you. Of course she won’t be here for another couple of hours, so until then you can wait,” says your girlfriend as she walks out of the room.

Rachel seems to be enjoying this new relationship dynamic…

The End