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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Kyle...)

Rubbing her hand over the bouncer’s bulge, steadily stroking his crotch, Rachel answers with an almost needing tone. “I-I’m a whore. I’m your whore,” she moans, showing a rather slutty side you didn’t know existed.

The bouncer smirks. “Why don’t you take it out?” he suggests.

Rachel undoes his belt, kissing him as he leans in. She gives herself to him, kissing him with a lust she never showed you.

“Oh fuck!” she gasps, surprised as she frees his cock, her hand gripping him and stroking lightly.

“Bigger than your boy’s?” the bouncer teases.

“So much bigger. I-I want you to fuck me. I need a real cock inside me,” your girlfriend pleads, completely shocking you.

The bouncer smirks, leaning your woman against the wall, lifting her skirt and revealing her ass.

Rachel smiles, biting her lip to contain herself as he readies himself. He rubs against her slit and you hear her moan, watching as she pushes back on him, begging to be fucked.

Gripping her waist, the bouncer begins to penetrate your girlfriend, tainting her once-pure clit.

“Ohhhhh. Mmmmmmm,” Rachel moans out, leaning into the wall as he pushes himself deeper into her. You continue to watch as this stranger eagerly fucks your girlfriend in an alley next to a club.

“Oh fuck! You’re so fucking big! You’re stretching me out!” Rachel breathes, feeling him thrusting his hips, growing with speed. The alley begins to echo with light moans as she lets herself be used by another man all in view of you.

“Y-yes! I-I’m gonna, uhh uh, gonna cum already!” Rachel moans, being brought to her limit faster than you ever could

The bouncer doesn’t care, fucking her into her orgasm, releasing himself as she tightens around him.

Rachel, seeming to enjoy him filling her, only seems to grow more aroused by him cumming.