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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Jack...)

They’re both in sexy lingerie as Rachel lies down on the bed waiting for her mother’s advance. Ashley crawls over top of her and the two of them start to kiss lightly at first and then both give in to their desires and begin to kiss passionately.

From your viewpoint toward the head of the bed you can see Ashley’s huge breasts hanging down and pressing up against Rachel’s. Your girlfriend has some great tits but her mom’s have to be at least twice the size. While they are making out Rachel reaches behind her mom and unhooks her bra, letting her giant boobs fall to her face. Rachel plops one into her mouth and begins to suck on one while squeezing the other.

Ashley moans in pleasure as she reaches down to start fingering her daughter. She slides her fingers down to Rachel’s pussy and starts rubbing it, causing Rachel to moan in pleasure into her mother’s boobs. They quickly take the rest of their clothes off and then Ashley starts sucking on your girlfriend’s boobs while fingering her.