Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Jack...)

“How about tonight?” you suggest. “I can go into town and hang out at the bar while you have your ‘friend’ over”.

“Well, I don’t know if I can get something setup that quickly, but I’ll try!” Rachel replies. She quickly runs and grabs her phone and starts making some calls in the other room. You catch some of the conversation but not enough to know who she might be calling: “Hey, remember that conversation we had that one time… voice trails off …great, I’ll see you soon!”

Rachel comes back with a huge smile on her face, unable to contain her excitement. “It’s all set! She is coming over now so you should leave in the next couple minutes.”

You can’t believe this is actually going to happen, you’re going to get to watch your girlfriend have hot lesbian sex! “Who’s coming over?” you plead.

“Nope! No spoilers. I want you to be surprised when we watch the video later tonight.”

You hop in your car and head into town, hardly able to focus. You feel your phone vibrate as you sit down at the bar. You pull your phone out of your pocket and see you have a text from Rachel. You start to wonder if she got cold feet until you realize she sent you a picture of her sucking on a boob. The woman’s head is out of the picture but they’re both fully naked. “Damn…” you say under your breath as your dick responds to the visual you just received.

You continue to stare at the photo when you realize that the distance in which the picture was taken definitely means there is a third person there. “Did Rachel setup a lesbian threesome?” you think to yourself. You consider texting back to ask but realize she might be a little busy at the moment. Instead you wait for her to tell you to come home.

A couple of hours later you get a text from Rachel giving the all clear to head home. The drive back feels like it takes hours instead of the couple of minutes that it actually takes. You pull into the garage and open the door into the house and see your girlfriend in lingerie.

“Wow that was amazing!” she says, “I can’t wait to watch it with you and remember how good it felt. Are you ready now?”

In your excitement you can hardly get a word out and instead just nod and take off your clothes (you presume your girlfriend will surely pleasure you in some way during the viewing). She doesn’t question you stripping and walks over to the TV and puts in the DVD labeled, “My first lesbian threesome.” You were right!

Your brain starts to wonder who it could be as you take a seat on the couch. Before anything comes on the screen, Rachel gets on her knees and says, “Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show,” and then takes your dick in her mouth and begins to slowly work it.

You look up at the TV while your girlfriend is sucking your dick and three women appear, lying in bed in lingerie. One is obviously your girlfriend, and to your surprise the other two are…