Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Jack...)

“Hailey and Ashley?” you question. Your girlfriend takes your dick out of her mouth to respond. “Well, it only made sense to me. Being family we’re already super-close. I had to make sure I felt super comfortable with whoever I was going to be with for my first time.”

Rachel’s sister and mother are super-hot and since the deed has already been done there’s not much weight to your opinion at this point anyway. You look back at your girlfriend. “Did I tell you to stop sucking?” She seductively winks at you as she slowly works her way back onto your shaft.

You look up to see that you have already missed some of the action. Rachel and Hailey are making out with their bras off while Ashley is sucking on Hailey’s huge tits. The sucking sounds of Ashley’s lips around Hailey’s nipple mixes with the similar sound of your girlfriend sucking hard on your dick.

Ashley and Hailey look at each other and say, “Rachel, this is supposed to be about you tonight. Lay back and relax”. Rachel does as they say while her sister and her mom each take one of her breasts and start sucking on it while tag teaming her pussy with their hands. Rachel moans loudly on the TV… actually, both on the TV and in real life on your dick. You realize that your girlfriend has started to finger herself while sucking your dick and listening to the movie. She must be remembering what is going on just based on the sound since she can’t see the screen. Of course, she just exprienced this not more than thirty minutes ago so it wouldn’t be hard for her to remember.

You look away from your girlfriend sucking and moaning on your dick to look back at the TV.