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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by SensualityIsMe...)

“I want to worship you,” Rachel says sensually, biting her lip as she slowly slips down to her knees. Her eyes closed, she flicks her tongue in such a way that it made you groan in utter excitement. She is going down on you almost as if her life depends on it, and as if you are god-like to her.

She can’t help but moan even though you were deep in her mouth, saliva sliding down the corners of her lips and down her chin and dripping further down to her breasts. She is excited for you and it is obvious that she’ll get exactly what she wants later. This thought makes you tilt your head back, fingers threading within her hair and grabbing it as you groaned once more. God, your girlfriend is good at this. Her tongue slips around in circles around your nether regions, causing you to shiver in arousal. You know you will probably keep her up for the entire night.

Once she finishes her cock-worshipping, her fingers trail along your shaft and she beckons you to your bed. Instead, you take her hand and lead her into the home office, closing the door and bending her over the desk. You begin to make sweet love to her and she is so wet and so tight for you. So right.

“Mmmm, take my dick baby. I want to make you cum as much as you can take it,” you moan.

Rachel shudders and grips the desk, closing her eyes as she takes your full length. Tightening her pussy just for you.

“I… I am going to cum, Ross! Oh fuck!”

She is so excited. You know she’s dreamed about this, doing this with you. And now here you are.