Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

You notice a group of four black men walking down the alley, apparently drawn the sound of your girlfriend moaning loudly.

“What’s up man, when did you pick up a new whore?” one of the men asks the bouncer.

“Just now, this is her first time having some big black cock. You guys want a piece?” the bouncer replies with a grin. He grabs Rachel and pushes her towards the other men.

“Hey bitch, are you on birth control?” one of the men asks her.

“No…I’m not” replies Rachel.

“Okay, don’t worry, we won’t cum inside you then,” one if the other men says, although his discreet wink to the others makes you doubt his sincerity. All four black men pull out their cocks, and to your amazement they’re all are least as big as the bouncer.

Your girlfriend is bent over between two of them and you watch as she’s spit-roasted, a sight you’ve fantasized about but never thought you would ever see. As Rachel vigorously sucks on the cock in front of her, the man with the largest cock shoves hard into her pussy, drawing a muffled moan from her.

The bouncer surreptitiously pulls out his phone and starts recoding, and a few moments later the man fucking her pussy slams balls deep and groans. You stare in disbelief as your girlfriend takes a second load from a black man, and another takes his place, and starts fucking her. The men rotate around, taking turns getting sucked off by Rachel, then fucking and blowing their loads deep in her pussy.

After the four black men cum, the bouncer lines up behind her. “Shit, looks like I better get some again, one of you fuckers are probably going to knock her up if I don’t.”