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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Viktor...)

You decide to let her tease you, as you know what the reward will be afterwards. Stroke after stroke, Rachel continues to work your dick. Luck is on your side tonight, for some reason you find it easier and easier to hold off on cumming. Pleasure is coursing through your body but you know you’ll last from here on out.

Suddenly Rachel stops, she pauses and looks up to you. “One last test, mister” she says to you as she licks her lips. She wore red lipstick tonight, probably assuming the night would get hot and wanting to turn you on (it worked). “I’m going to show you what my mouth can do and if you last, this wet pussy is all yours,” she tells you with a smirk.

Your girlfriend hops onto the bed and whispers in your ear, “I shaved earlier, just for you. Would be a shame if I had done that for nothing.” This only works you up more as the thought of fucking her shaven pussy is now in your head.

Rachel slowly moves into position, her head between your legs. “Last test,” she says with a wink as she begins teasing your dick with her tongue. Swirling her tongue around the top of your head you know this won’t be easy to last through. The thought of your reward has got you worked up already and now you have her slowly working your dick with her tongue. As you try your best to hold off she slips your dick into her mouth, in and out. You feel the warmth of her mouth and tongue wrapped around your dick as Rachel takes her time getting you off. In and out, she sucks you off and you can’t help moaning occasionally. Every now and again she looks up at you, pauses, and gives you a smile, followed by a wink before going back down on you. You try to keep the thought of cumming out of your head as she gives you what you swear is the best blowjob of your life.

After what feels like an eternity, she pulls your wet dick out of her mouth, wipes off her mouth, and sits up. “Well well well, looks like I’m dating a winner, I was hoping you’d last, I’ve been horny all day.”

You’re at a loss for words when Rachel begins to strip herself of her black lingerie bra. Her breasts are just shy of being C cups and you’re so caught up in staring at her chest you almost don’t notice her reaching for her panties. Like her bra, her panties are also black with a small red bow above her pelvis. She slowly begins to work her panties off and tosses them to the side after revealing her shaven pussy.

“I told you I shaved for you, Ross,” she says with a smirk as she leans in for a quick kiss. “The fun is only about to begin now!” She gives you a wink and sits back. “Now the real question is what position shall I fuck you in first?