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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Viktor...)

“Cowgirl would be nice,” you suggest.

Rachel takes a second to think, then in the sexiest tone of voice whispers, “I think so too. Lie back.”

You do as your girlfriend says and lie back, your hard dick in the air, waiting for her to give you your reward. She takes her time and positions herself ove the rtop of you. You look into her eyes and smile as you feel her soft touch grabbing your dick and guiding it to her entrance. The wetness of her pussy is already more than obvious and she teases you by letting your dick only slightly touch her pussy. After a few more seconds of teasing, Rachel looks you in the eyes, smiles, and lowers herself onto you, taking the entirety of your length inside her. She wasn’t lying yesterday when she told you she’s tight. The walls of her pussy are gripping your dick and shooting pleasure throughout your body. She lifts herself up and sinks back down onto you, again and again. You feel her getting wetter and wetter and know you’re on the edge of cumming yourself. She continues to ride you and begins moaning louder and louder.

“Unngh… Ross… Ross… I’m gonna cum, you feel so good inside me,” Rachel squeals. “Cum inside me… mmmm… I want to feel you orgasm!” She continues to squeal as you revel in the feeling of the warm, tightness of her shaved pussy around your dick. Rachel continues riding you and you know it’s getting close.

“Mmmm… Rachel, I’m getting close,” you moan to her. After she hears that she lowers herself onto you in ecstasy, and tightly wraps her arms around you. You thrust upwards into her wet, tight pussy as much as you can, seconds away from cumming.

“Ungh Ross… I’m cumming, you feel amazing inside me, baby,” she moans. After hearing this you orgasm and can feel the tight walls of her wet, shaven pussy gripping your dick as you begin cumming inside her. Again and again you feel yourself shooting sperm up inside her as she continues moaning, clearly enjoying herself.

After you both come down from your orgasms your girlfriend gets up, cum running out of her pussy and down her leg, and walks out of the room. She turns around and, with a smile on her face, says, “I’ll see you tomorrow for round two,” before leaving, still naked.