Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Billy...)

“I’m serious Ross. I think it would be ridiculously hot if we tried to rape her,” says Rachel.

Stunned, you can’t say anything for a moment, but then, to your own surprise, you blurt out, “Let’s do it!”

You decide to do it right now, while you are still feeling horny and confident. You grab your girlfriend by the hand and lead her out the door. You give her sexy round ass a little slap as you leave the house and she shrieks in delight.

You quickly run across the street to where your neighbor lives. The front door is unlocked. You keep your hand on Rachel’s beautiful round butt as you walk through the door with excited anticipation.

You find your sexy neighbor Fernanda sitting on the couch wearing nothing but a tiny tube top that barely contains her huge tits and booty shorts that hug her thighs tight and expose her sexy form.

“Shhh” you say as you both begin to quietly walk over to her. You jump out from behind the couch and present yourselves naked in front of her. Fernanda screams in shock at the sight of you both standing there.

You rush towards her and hold her down. “Come undress her baby,” you tell your girlfriend. Rachel struts over to her and fights the tube top off the sexy Brazilian. She isn’t wearing a bra and her beautiful boobs are exposed in all their glory. Unable to contain yourself you grab them both in my hands and squeeze her nipples, making them hard.

Surprisingly, when you let go of your neighbor she doesn’t move at all, she just sits there with a sideways smile. “If you two wanted to have your way with me, all you had to do was ask.”

Allrighty then. You throw Fernanda onto her stomach and rip her shorts clean off, exposing her big luscious booty. Without any hesitation you slip your dick in between her cheeks and begin grinding, a tiny bit of precum oozing out the front of your dick.

“Mmmm I want your fat cock inside of me,” Fernanda moans. With that said, you plunge your hard cock into her tight wet pussy. As you push your cock in harder and harder you can feel her pussy begin to tighten around you.

“Fuck me harder, I’m gonna cum,” she squeals. You slam your cock even deeper into her and with a scream she shakes in orgasm. Her juices flow out all over your cock, making you hungry for more. “Her pussy felt so tight and wet, I was about to cum also,” you tell Rachel.

You flip Fernanda over and grab her breasts, squeezing them tight, then slip your dick between them and begin thrusting. Her titties feel so good engulfed around your nine-inch cock.

“I’m gonna cum!” you yell, and shoot a stream of white hot semen into her face. Then you collapse to the ground in pleasure.

“I want your cum!” your neighbor moans. She quickly sits up and swallows your whole penis, now limp from exhaustion. You rub your hands all over her tits as she sucks the last bit of semen out of your dick.