Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by slicknate233...)

You can feel your cock twitching. You take your dick out of Amy’s mouth and cum all over Rachel and Amy’s faces.

“Let’s head to the bedroom,” Rachel suggests with horny eyes, wiping a string of sperm from her cheek.

All three of you head to the bedroom. Rachel lies on the bed with your legs spread, while your step-sister sucks you off. You look up to see Rachel’s beautiful pussy. “Come here and fuck me, Ross” she says.

You make your way over to Rachel and start fucking her missionary style. When you slide your cock in you can feel how wet her pussy is. Amy takes her left leg and puts it over Rachel’s head so her ass is above Rachel.

“Are you ready to eat some pussy?” Amy asks. You look up to see that Amy’s pussy is practically dripping wet. She spreads her ass and slowly smothers Rachel’s face. You see Rachel licking your step-sister’s pussy now.

This is Rachel’s dream come true.

As you keep fucking her, you see Rachel sticking her tongue deep inside Amy’s pussy. Amy is moaning with joy.

“How does that pussy taste, baby?” you ask.

“OMG!” Rachel cries.

You feel an extreme amount of joy to see your girlfriend with such happiness. This makes you fuck her even harder.

“Alright Ross I want you to fuck me now,” Amy exclaims. She gets off Rachel’s face and positions herself on the edge of the bed, doggy style. Rachel scoots back so Amy can eat her pussy now.

Amy grabs your cock and guides it to her pussy and you start pounding it. As you fuck your step-sister you realize how much you’ve missed it. Memories flood back of wonderful times you had in college and at home.

You then see Amy slowly tilt her head down and she starts to eat Rachel’s pussy. Rachel moans with joy as Amy violates her pussy with her tongue. “Yesss eat my cunt!” Rachel exclaims.

Hearing Rachel makes you even hornier so you start fucking Amy harder. You feel the cum start rushing so you pull out and you spurt all over your step-sister’s back.

“Holy shit, I forgot how good your pussy was,” you gasp.

“Your dick too!” Amy laughs. “Alright, let’s get kinky now!”