Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You notice someone is peeping through the window.

“Rachel, I think there’s someone at the window watching us,” you said to your girlfriend as you motion her to get up. You don’t fancy the thought of your intimate moment with your girl being watched, or worse… recorded by strangers. As you come out of the classroom you see two guys who are trying to slip away.

“Hey, what are you two doing here,” you call out to them, acting tough and hoping that they will be intimidated.

The two guys just stand dumbfounded. The bulges in their pants tell you they saw what you and your girlfriend were doing. “I… We were just loitering about… We didn’t meant to interrupt you,” stammers the boy in the grey polo t-shirt and brown khakis. He is thinner than his friend but taller. You stare at him, grinning inside as you are happy that the acting tough is working well.

“What’s your name? Are you a student here?” you ask sternly.

“I’m Shane and this is Luis. We used to be students here,” answers the second boy, who is dressed in a red singlet and beach pants. You can tell he’s into bodybuilding as his biceps and triceps glistens in the sunlight with his sweat rolling down. The singlet is too small to conceal his obviously brawny chest and ripped body. You look over to Luis and notice his bulging muscles, although he is smaller than Shane.

“Look man, we don’t want any trouble,” continues Shane. “And you are obviously not from this school. That uniform your girl is wearing is not from this school, or any other school on earth. We are just here hanging out in our old school reminiscing about some nostalgic times back here. We’ll just leave and let you continue with whatever you were doing,” he concludes with a naughty grin, clearly not affected by you acting tough.

You eye the boys suspiciously and before you can ask them to leave, you hear the sound of people singing and walking up the stairs. The person is whistling while playing with some keys in his or her hand while walking. Judging from the sound of the boots and the jingling of the keys, your first thought is that it’s the school guard doing his or her patrol.

Your first thought is to get back in the classroom and hide. The two boys push past you and run into the classroom before you can even react. You follow behind them and wave your arm at Rachel, motioning her to hide. She quickly leaps on her feet and hides under the teacher’s desk. Luis hides behind the door.

You look around and, finding nowhere else to hide, you decide to try your luck with the broom cupboard. You open it to find Shane already inside. You want to look around for another place to hide but the footsteps are getting closer. Shane shifts a bit then grabs your arm and pulls you into the cupboard, which is quite compact now that both of you are inside. But you manage to close the doors of the cupboard with your back squeezed tightly against Shane. As both of you try not to make any sound you hear the footsteps entering the classroom.