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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

The guard enters the room and looks around. Everyone holds their breath waiting for him to leave. Luis is nervous and can’t bear it any longer. He decides to make a run for it. He runs out of the classroom and heads for the stairs. The guard sees and takes off after him.

You wait a while before deciding that the guard is gone and you exit the cupboard. You head to the teacher’s desk and help Rachel to her feet.

“Are you okay?” you ask while helping her dust her clothes.

“ Yes yes… How about… ” her voice trails off, causing you to looked up to find her staring at Shane who has exited the cupboard with you. “Who’s your new friend?” she asks.

“He’s Shane. Caught him and the other boy peeping just now,” you answer. “Shouldn’t you go check on your friend? ” you ask Shane as you help Rachel dust the back of her uniform, which is dirty from sitting on the floor while hiding from the guard. You continued dusting while waiting for Shane to answer but he doesn’t. Frustrated, you look at him, only to find his gaze fixated on Rachel. You realize you were giving him a show while dusting Rachel’s clothes. He was looking at your girlfriend’s body and caught you staring at him.

He quickly regains composure and stammers, “yeah yeah… my name is Shane… I … em should go and check on Luis… Em my friend…” He begins making for the door but is obviously reluctant to leave the sight of Rachel’s body

Rachel looks at him and you notice she bites her lower lip… a move she has mastered for the purpose of seducing you.