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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You peep through the slit of the door of the cupboard. It isn’t big enough for you to see the entire room but you are able to see the guard dancing with his headphones on. He is sliding around the classroom dancing, obviously oblivious to your presence.

You shift to get a better view of the guard who is now pretending to sing with a microphone in his hand and moving around in the classroom. You hear Shane groan and you motion for him to shut up. Then you realize Shane is grinding his groin in to you. You notice him breathing more heavily as he grinds his loins into your butt. You want to confront him but you’re afraid that any sudden movement or noise might alert the guard realize to your presence, although he seems so absorbed in his dancing that it is unlikely that he can hear anything.

You turn to glare at Shane but he takes no notice of it. His left hand holds onto your shoulder then the right one slips in to your pants, rubbing your cock through your boxer briefs as he continues to grind into you. You want to flail and struggle out of his sexual advances but your hand holding on to the cupboard door is the only thing preventing it from swinging open loosely. You struggle a little by squirming.

“What the hell are you doing! I’m not into this kind of thing. Stop this or we are going to get caught,” you whisper with a harsh tone, hoping this will stop Shane. But he takes no notice and covers your mouth with his left hand, as he continue rubbing your cock and grinding his into you through your pants. The thought of being caught… The thought of doing it in a school… The idea of getting humped by a stranger… The thought of exploring a sexual fantasy… The thought of being taken by force… All those ideas are making you horny. Before you realize it, your boner is stiff and rigid, begging for more attention.