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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Disneyfan1234...)

“Fine,” you tell Rachel, giving up. “I have to admit, she is pretty hot.”

“Yay! This is why I love you!” she tells you, planting a kiss on your cheek.

“I have one question though. How do you suppose we seduce her?” you ask, glancing out your window at your neighborr Fernanda’s house.

“Well, at 1:23 am, we’re going to go to her house. I know where she keeps the spare key. We’ll sneak in while she’s sleeping and, you know…”

“Rachel, are you saying we’re going to break into her house and rape her?”

“No, not really. It’s not breaking in if we use the key, and it’s not rape if she enjoys it.”

“And what if she doesn’t enjoy it?”

“Then we’ll fucking rape her. But I mean, with a cock like yours and a body like mine, she’s practically guaranteed to love it. Okay Ross, listen. If you help me out with this, I’ll return the favor later and help you achieve one of your sexual fantasies, how does that sound?”

You can’t turn down a deal like that, and the thought of having a threesome with your girlfriend and Fernanda, your stupid sexy neighbor, really makes your cock hard.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

A few hours pass. At one in the morning, Rachel finds you. She’s wearing sexy black lingerie, dark sunglasses and a wig.

“What is all this?” you ask, soaking in how good she looks in black.

“We’re sneaking into someone’s house. We have to disguise ourselves. Duh. Here, put this on.” She hands you a bag of clothes. You pull out a black, zip-up hoodie, black tear-away pants, and sunglasses. “We have to blend into the shadows, but most also be prepared for sex. Super sexy sex.” Rachel says, adjusting her wig in a mirror. You put on the disguise, making sure that you are unrecognizable. Once you and Rachel are ready, you head next door to provide Fernanda a visit.

Like she said, Rachel pulls a spare key out from under a potted plant and unlocks the front door. You secretly pray that Fernanda is sleeping and doesn’t have any other form of security. Your prayers must have been answered because nothing alerts Fernanda to your presence as you and Rachel enter your neighbor’s house. You’ve never actually been in Fernanda’s house before, and neither has Rachel, so you have no idea where she would be located, or if she’s even there at all.