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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

You move to grope Rachel’s tits but she moves out of the way and turns over. “I’m not interested,” she says. “I can’t believe you’d let me fuck my boss, John, but not Jamie. We get the new bed delivered tomorrow — if you change your mind we can christen it then, then plan on how to get Jamie into it!” Your girlfriend pulls the covers tight and goes to sleep while you lie with your eyes open and your cock rock-hard.

At two pm the following day Rachel phones you as the new bed has arrived. It’s in bits and needs building but Rachel is no good at DIY. You will be home at eight but know Jamie is off work and lives close. It makes sense to ask Jamie to help but you are worried about Rachel and Jamie being alone together in the bedroom. You feel your cock getting hard as you pick up the phone and dial your friend’s number.

Two hours later Rachel phones you. “Thanks for asking Jamie to come and fix the bed up, I couldn’t break down the old one and build this one on my own. He’s nearly finished. Love you, see you about nine,” and with that she puts the phone down on the bedside cabinet.

You are just about to hang up you realize the call is still live and you can hear Rachel and Jamie talking. “It’s great you twi still love each other after all these years,” Jamie says. “Grab hold of the mattress from that end will you?” After a grunt and a shuffle followed by the thump, Jamie continues, “I think I can see from those stains that you still enjoy each other!” Rachel giggles nervously. “That’s my fault,” she says, “I squirt when I cum!”

The pause is so long you are beginning to think they have left the room or lost the connection. You unzip your cock under the desk and start wanking, slowly letting your imagination run wild.

“Well, thanks for helping me to build the bed Jamie, I’d have been lost without you, would you like a drink before you go back?” Jamie agrees and Rachel leaves the room. You smile to yourself and look at the phone — nothing’s going to happen and you’re surprised that you’re disappointed. Your erection has all but disappeared.

“Oh no need to tidy up, that’s my job,” says Rachel, obviously reentering the room. Jamie replies, “Haha, I bet it’s Ross’s job when you squirt! Although it looks like he doesn’t do a great job as he seems to miss loads. You probably need to get a expert in.”

The hard-on in the office returns with a vengeance.

You hear a moan, the sounds of a passionate kiss, the bed creaking slightly as one person gets onto it and the sound of one person getting undressed. “Oh, don’t stop, just there, ooooh, just keep licking, push those fingers deeper,” moans Rachel, giving orders. After what seems like a lifetime of licking, orgasms and encouragement, Rachel finally says, “I need your cock in me now, fuck me, fuck me!” It sounds to you that Jamie is still dressed as there is a loud zipping noise as Jamie frees his cock. “I have to suck that before it goes inside of me,” says Rachel, followed by constant moans from Jamie. Suddenly the noise changes and it is obvious Jamie is now fucking your girlfriend on the new bed.

As Rachel reaches another orgasm and Jamie is getting close, you shoot your load under the desk just as Rachel shouts, “cum in me, cum in me now. I need you to fuck me.” Jamie lets out a muffled swear word and there is a silence that floods the room.

“Thanks for all your help,” giggles Rachel. “Any time, any time” says Jamie.

You look at the phone and cancel the call. You look around the office. It’s not yet six but you’ve covered your jeans in cum. You try to mop it up using your hand and some tissues, then you manage to get to the bathroom without anyone seeing. Looking in the mirror your face is red and your jeans have an obvious stain on them. As you look at his reflection you notice the small smile on your face and the second erection bump that is starting to grow in your jeans.

You make an excuse that you’re not feeling well and need to go home. You need to see your girlfriend. You need to be with your girlfriend and you need to be in your girlfriend.