Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You are as buff as Shane but he’s taller. Despite that, you doubt you would lose if you were to get in a fight with Shane. But the big problem is you can’t fight — not when your arms are holding the door, not when you don’t want the guard to notice your presence.

Shane’s hand leaves your cock and you feel your frustration. The truth is you don’t want to fight his sexual advances. Rachel has got you so aroused that you are begging for release.

You feel him unbuckle your pants and they drop down. He resumes rubbing your cock as precum leaks out of you. He then spits in his hand and slips his hand into your boxer briefs but this time he rubs his spit on your asshole.

You moan into his hand as your sexual urges take over. You feel your desire for him spread though your body aching for his touch, excited for what he’s about to do to you.

He asks you to spit in his hand and then he resumes rubbing it on your asshole. His other hand had now left your mouth and is rubbing your cock through your briefs. You breathe heavily as your sexual arousal peaks. You groan as your desire takes over and you throw caution to the wind and begin to dry hump Shane’s hand as he continues to rub your asshole and lube it with spit.

His left hand leaves your cock once again, leaving it throbbing for more attention. He turns your head as he leans in and kisses you. Shane’s tongue intertwines with yours and his hand is now twitching your nipples. You moan into his mouth as the wet kiss is getting you more and more aroused.

You feel him lower his pants and for the first time feel his cock on your boxer brief-cladded ass. He spits into his hand and rubs it on his cock which is already wet with precum. He continues kissing you while pulling down your boxers from behind, allowing him access to your ass. He then plunges his cock between your thighs and humps you. You feel his cock slide past your perineum and testes and emerges from the front of your boxers. You want so much to touch it.

“Hold the door” you whisper. His right hand replaces yours holding the door as you reach down and rub his cock through your boxers. Now you realize his cock is huge. It is at least ten inches long with a five inch girth. You rub him as he humps you from behind. He kisses your neck to muffle his moans as you reach into your boxers to rub his manhood. You spit and rub his cock. His precum leaks and, together with your spit, allows him to continue to hump your muscular thighs. You rub his huge sensitive glands by twisting your fingers in a circular motion and you feel him bite into your shoulder. You know that doing that to the penis glans feels good, in fact so good that it makes his legs feel weak.

“Holy shit,” you hear him groan under his breath. “You keep this up I’m gonna cum,” he whispers as he nibbles and tugs your ears.

You grin to yourself as you feel his humping grow stronger and his breath get heavier. Then he bites into your shoulder, moaning, and you feel him shudder. He continues humping as he cums in your hand and boxers. His cock pulses with every load he releases, until your hand and the front of the boxers are covered thoroughly with his cum. You continue massaging his cock as your own cock leaks with excitement.