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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You continue massaging Shane’s huge cock, covering it with his own cum. He whispers for you to stop as it is still too sensitive to touch.

“My turn, you hold the door,” he whispers.

You hold on the door and he immediately slips his hand in your briefs and strokes your cock. It isn’t long before you begin to buckle and hump his hand.

“Are you close?” he asks as he kisses your neck.

You nod.

“Well don’t cum yet,” he says as he kisses you on your lips. He begins to stroke his own cock. Frustrated that he’s denying you your sweet release, you kiss him furiously, attacking his mouth, wanting him to know how much you want to be released from these pent-up sexual urges. Understanding your frustration he chuckles, but has no intention of letting you cum just yet. You feel him backing up a little and feel his penis on your rosebud. He spits to lube up your asshole again.

“I’m going in now,” he whispers into your ear.

“Slowly… First time…” you manage to utter as you find it hard to breathe with all the excitement of knowing what is about to happen. He begins to apply pressure and you try to relax. You feel your asshole parting, giving in and his cock, lubed by spit and his cum, begins to slide in with ease. You wince because it doesn’t feel right, and there is a bit of pain, but you are too horny to care.

You thought he would go slow but both of you are trapped in a small space. He leans as far back as possible but there isn’t enough space and his entire length slides into you. Realizing this, he quickly cups your mouth with his hand, muffling your gasp and screams. “Shhh…” he hushes.

“Oh God,” you moan into his hand.“Sweet lord,” you moan again as Shane pumps his cock in and out of you. All those myths about anal sex being very painful are lies. The pain was only when he first entered you. Once his penis was in place and with proper lubrication, there isn’t much pain but it feels more like pressure. It feels weird but the pleasure is overwhelming. You never thought anal stimulation could be such a pleasurable experience.

You hear him groan in frustration. There isn’t much room so he can’t pull his much of his length out and jam it into you again. He begins to pump faster into you, hitting random spots in your asshole.

You see movement outside and peep through the slit of the door.