Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You see that the guard has sat down on a chair. He is fanning himself while scrolling his phone. Your attention quickly goes back to Shane’s rod which is pumping in and out of you. Then Shane’s cock begins to hit a spot, causing waves of pleasure to course through your body. It is an entirely new kind of pleasurable, yet weird feeling you have never experienced before.

You close your eyes, savoring the intense pleasure of Shane’s cock in your ass hitting your prostate. You feel cum begin to leak from your cock which is so rock-hard straining your boxers. The pleasure is so intense and addicting that you begin to buckle to meet Shane’s thrusts.

You feel your impending climax. You want to jerk your dick for sweet release but your hands are on the door. “Arghh… Yeah… Argggghhhh…” you groan into Shane’s hand as your orgasm hits you. Your cock spasms out of control as it spurts load after load of cum, adding to Shane’s cum in your boxers. You don’t recall ever ejaculating that much.

Your legs feel weak but you manage to hold them in place. Shane removes his cock from your asshole and begins to jerk his cock. You hear a groan and feel strings of his cum landing on your ass.

“Damn…” you mutter, amazed by how pleasurable the experience was.