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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You notice the guard is leaving. You see him walk out the door. Just to be safe you decide to wait for awhile before coming out from your hiding spot.

Both Luis and Rachel have yet to come out of hiding. Shane, on the other hand, is focused on pumping his cock in to you. You turn to him and whisper, “Hey, The guard just left you should stop, we need to get dressed or my girlfriend might find out about this.”

He kisses you on your lips before muttering reluctantly, “Okay. Hey, do you think we can continue this some other time?”

“I don’t see a reason not to,” you reply.

Both you and Shane manage to get dressed by taking turns to hold the door of the cupboard. Then both of you exit the cupboard to be greeted by Luis and Rachel, who have just come out of their hiding spot as well. Rachel comes over to you and kisses you deeply. “Babe why are you drenched in sweat,” Rachel asks with concern as she wipes away the sweat on your forehead.

“It was really hot in the cupboard,” you reply, looking at Shane. Your eyes meet with Shane’s and there is a brief moment of awkwardness. Shane quickly breaks the eye contact and passes you his phone. You insert your phone number before handing it back to him.

“You up for a beer or two? ” Shane asks as he saves your number.

“Anytime, ” you reply.

“Cool. Pleasure meeting you. Will text you then. Gotta go now,” Shane says, offering his hand. You shake his hand then Rachel shakes his hand as well. He then turns and leaves with Luis.

You turn your attention back to Rachel, only to find her eying you suspiciously. “What?” you ask.

“What was that about, that awkwardness?” Rachel asks while grinning cheekily.