Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You notice the guard is finally starting to leave. Both you and Shane get dressed by taking turns holding the door. You wait a while then exit the cupboard.

“Call me if em… You know… You want to do this again…” Shane whispers as he motions for you to pass him your phone. He saves his number in your phone before he gives it back to you. “Hope to hear from you soon,” he says as he leaves reluctantly to get Luis, who is still hiding behind the door.

You find Rachel under the teacher’s desk. Shane and Luis wave at both of you and leave. You help Rachel up and dust her clothes down.

Rachel grins. “Let’s pick it up where we left off, shall we?” she suggests as she kisses you deeply.

You want to indulge in your girlfriend’s fantasy of sex in the school but the cum in your boxer briefs remind you that you can’t. At least not when you don’t want her to find out you just had gay sex with a stranger. “Honey, can we do this some other day. I’m kind of tired today,” you say with you arm around her waist.

“Ross, what’s wrong?” She looks at you with a concerned expression.

“Nothing, it’s just the guard and those two boys spoiled the moment. Let’s do this some other time, okay? I promise we will do it again,” you say, hoping to convince Rachel.

“Okay sure. Come, let’s get home and get some rest,” she replies and smiles understandingly.

You kiss Rachel deeply then both of you head for the car. As you walk towards the car, the cum in your boxers and the soreness of your anal sphincter constantly reminde you of the great sex you just had. You’re starting to get an erection thinking about the sex in the cupboard, but part of you feels guilty that you just cheated on your girlfriend with a guy. You feel terrible but are afraid of the consequences if you tell Rachel.

As you drive up in to your garage, you tell Rachel to head to shower first. After you are sure she has gone into the house, you get out of the car. The cum has soaked through your boxers and pants. Luckily you are wearing black pants so the wet stain isn’t obvious — that’s probably why Rachel hasn’t noticed the huge wet stain on your crotch. You enter the house and, after making sure Rachel isn’t in the bathroom on the first floor, you hurriedly run in and wash the cum off your boxers and pants before cleaning your crotch and ass. Then you throw your clothes into the laundry basket as you walk buck-naked out of the bathroom.