Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

As you walk in the front door, you hear your girlfriend upstairs moving around. For a split second you wonder if Jamie is still there. You quietly climb the stairs and open the door to the bedroom quickly.

Rachel alone and is wearing one of your long-drop t shirts and nothing underneath. She’s bent over making the bed and you can see she has no knickers on. Her hair is roughed up and you detect a slight hint of worry in her eyes as she smiles at you.

“You’re home early, Ross,” she says, crossing the room to kiss you.

“Did Jamie get it up okay?” you ask innocently.

“He did, it’s just a shame you won’t let him get it up me,” she replies, laughing.

You move your hand to the front of her t shirt and work your way down. Rachel can’t wait and grabs frantically at you, unbuttoning your jeans, pulling them down and off, forcing you to topple onto the bed.

She quickly straddles you and forces herself down onto your cock. You glide into her with ease as you realize the lube from the condom Jamie wore makes it easy for you.

Rachel came off birth control over six months ago and, although she has talked about sleeping with other people, it was agreed it would always be safe, if she ever did.

Although you have cum less than an hour earlier you can feel the orgasm building as your cheating girlfriend relentlessly fucks your cock. The thought of her not telling you about Jamie actually turns you on more. She’s a slut and you love her more for it. At that moment you explode inside of her.

“That was quick,” Rachel says, “but I’m still horny, you will have to finish me off.”

You slip your hand down towards her cunt. “Ah ah,” says Rachel, “I need your mouth to get me there.” She slides up your body and straddles your face.

You have never tasted your own sperm before but know what your girlfriend wants. You start to gently lick the outer lips of her cunt, when she suddenly pushes her full weight down on you, half suffocating you and forcing you deep inside.

The taste is not pleasant but isn’t too bad, more unusual than anything else. You can feel another erection building as Rachel grinds into your face. You begin to enjoy the sweetness of her juices mixed with your cum.

As Rachel builds towards an orgasm you realize one very important fact. There is no taste of latex, which means Jamie hadn’t used a condom and you are also eating your buddy’s cum out of your girlfriend’s cunt. As Rachel finally cums and squirts her fluids over your face, you feel a million different emotions at once.