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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You watch as Rachel recovers from her orgasm and regains control of her body. You kiss her mound, slowly moving to her vulva as you begin to lick her again, savouring the sweet nectar still leaking from her vagina. Rachel squirms uncontrollably.

You stand up and remove your clothes, revealing your rock-hard six pack abs. You turn Rachel around and bend her over the teacher’s desk. You then whip out your cock and rub it on her slit, trying to lube it with her cum. Then you plunge your head into her waiting slit.

Your girlfriend gasps as your penis glands splits her slit. You slowly slide your length in, but pause midway, giving time for you to enjoy her warm slick insides and for Rachel to adjust to the size of your engorged member. You feel the warmness of her vagina as it quivers, grips and releases your cock.

You continue to plunge your cock deeper until your full length is inside Rachel. You reach over and cup her breasts with your hands and begin massaging them. As you start to slide in and out of her, you let one of your hands slide down to her clit and begin massaging it.

“Oh Ross. Yes… ” you hear Rachel moan and you increase your pace. Rachel straightens up and leans towards you, her hand caressing your hair as you kiss her neck. Her white long sleeve uniform is now soaked in both yours and her sweat. You kiss and nibble her neck leaving red hickeys as your hands tweak her nipple and rub her clit.

Rachel breathes heavily as her whole body shudders. Your engorged member rubbing her inside and the stimulation on her clitoris, nipple and neck manage to send her over the edge. She tugs on your hair and squeals in ecstasy as her orgasm wracks her body.

You pull your cock out momentarily and bend down as you witness squirts after squirts escaping her vagina, landing on your pants. Rachel grunts, frustrated by the empty feeling now that your cock is out of her. You bend her down over the desk again and ram your entire length into her. This time you intend to be fast and merciless. You place your right arm on her left shoulder for leverage as you begin moving in and out of her while your other hand slaps her, leaving a red mark on her ass. The room echoes with the lusty slapping sound each time your pubic area connects with Rachel’s bubble butt as you piston your cock in and out of her.

You stop and remove your member from Rachel’s slit as you feel your own orgasm begin to build up. You slump on to the teacher’s chair, wanting a moment to catch your breath, waiting for the pleasure to subside. Rachel, however, has no intention of waiting. She turns around and straddles you, then sits on your cock letting your entire length plunge into her.