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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

You decide to take a shower to wash off Shane’s scent on you. You see the bathroom of the master bedroom was left open. You peep through the door and watch Rachel soak in the bathwater, humming a song, clearly enjoying the bath.

You slowly approach your girlfriend and place your hand in her shoulder. She is caught off guard but quickly recovers from her surprise after realizing it is you. You massage her shoulder as you kiss the top of head and catch a whiff of her shampoo. You begin kneading her shoulder and neck.

“Hmmm… That feels so good…” Rachel moans. You never told her but you took some massage lessons before. You figure Rachel will need it because of all the time she spends in front of the computer.

Rachel turn around, slushing the water. “Want to join me?” she asks as she steals a glance of your cock. You are a grower so your flaccid penis was small and wrinkly. You told her you need a shower first and you proceed to enter the glass shower enclosure and turn on the water.

“What do you want for dinner, honey?” you ask as you wash the shampoo of your hair. You feel Rachel’s hand on your body as she lathers your back with soap. You smile, standing motionless as she continues lathering every inch of your body with soap. You watch her little hands slide all over you but your attention soon shifts to her nude body, nicely toned from going to the gym. You watch how her perky butt sways when she turns to retrieve more soap.

You watch the water droplets slide down her neck to her cleavage. You can’t resist and you reach out and cup her cute breasts in both of your hands, flicking her pink nipples and areola as well. She smiles as she fends if your hand, saying it tickles.

You feel a stirring inside and your cock begins to stiffen. Rachel kneels down to soap your legs. You admire her body curves and can’t help wondering what you did to deserve her. As she stands up, her head bumps against your penis that has grown to its full length at the sight of her beautiful body.

“He wants some washing as well, I guess.” She smiles mischievously at you before squirting more soap from the shower gel dispenser into her hand. She kneels down and shyly takes your penis into her palm. Then she begins lathering it up with soap. She playfully jerks your dick for a while before she cups your balls and lathers them with soap as well.

You groan in pleasure as your girlfriend begins wanking you and playing with your balls. You are enjoying the attention, but she suddenly stops. You groan in frustration as she chuckles, happy to have accomplished her goal of keeping you wanting more. She turns on the shower and helps you wash the soap of you.

When you are done showering, Rachel turns to leave, but you catch her arm and pull her back into your embrace. Her hands land on your chest.

“Not so fast… ” you say as you cup her face gently with both hands and lean in, kissing her deeply.