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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You decide that getting there a bit early might be the best option to be sure that your girlfriend and John don’t leave the pub before you get there, so you head off to the bedroom to change, pulling on a fresh shirt and pants. Your jaw hits the floor as Rachel walks in from the bathroom. She’s wearing a little black dress with matching sheer black stockings and heels. You’ve never seen her dressed like that before.

“Wow!” you exclaim. “When did you get that?”

“This afternoon silly. You and your sports… didn’t you notice I’d gone out? You like?” asks Rachel, lifting the hem of the dress.

The dress finishes three inches above the knee, so it doesn’t take much to show the lacy stocking tops. You just silently nod.

“I thought so!” laughs Rachel. “I’m betting John will too. Now be a love and zip me up,” she goes on, turning around. Slowly sliding the zipper up, you pause part way realizing that Rachel isn’t wearing a bra. Rachel notices your pause.

“That’s right, Ross. No bra. I thought showing a little bit of extra cleavage might be fun. I am wearing panties though. I’m not a total slut!” laughs Rachel, pushing your hands away from her ass. “Now leave me alone, I’ve got to do my makeup!”

“Okay, okay. I’m taking the car. See you there,” you grunt as you stumble out the door. Once in the car you set the GPS to the address Rachel texted you and head off. The place is on the other side of town, and looks okay. Nothing too fancy, but a bit larger than normal pub a just off the main street.

Heading inside you can see why John likes it. Not too busy, not full of hipsters, clean and a good selection of local craft beers. Looking around you see John sitting at the bar.

Where do you sit?