Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

What the hell you think, and walk over to the bar, order a beer and sit one stool down from John. John looks over at you, smiles and raises his hand in greeting. You turn green. Oh fuck! How did that happen? Rachel said no one at work knows what you look like! Just as you are about to stammer a hello, some dude pushes past you and fist bumps John. You almost pass out with relief.

“Hey man! How’s things? You buggered off yesterday pretty quick. Everything okay?”

“Haha. Yeah sorry about that. I had an urgent meeting to get to,” sniggers John. “One of our female employees needed my personal attention.”

“That sounds interesting. Do tell. Do tell!”

“Well, she wanted to show me how, um, how appreciative she is”, winks John. “She was very thorough.”

“You old dog! Took you long enough though. You’ve gotta be the last man left who hasn’t had a piece of her!”

What the fuck? Rachel has been screwing around with all the guys at her work? Your mind spins with this new information, and you clench your beer bottle. That little lying bitch!

“Haha. Oh no old mate. Not her, she’s really not my type” laughs John.

“Hmmm… let me think”, replies old mate sipping his beer. “Is she hot?”

“Oh that’s an affirmative! You have definitely expressed an interest in, how do you put it? ‘Tapping that’?”

You sit there completely confused. On one hand you’re relieved that Rachel hasn’t been fucking around at work. However, listening to John and his mate discuss your girlfriend like she’s a piece of meat has you reaching down to adjust your dick as it swells in your pants. Knowing that the guys at Rachel’s work think about her like this is certainly a turn on.

“That narrows it down a bit, but gimme another hint. You know I’m not that choosy!” laughs old mate, snapping you back to reality.

“Well, this one is a little bit more, um, unexpected…”

Old mate nearly snorts his beer out of his nose.

“No way! Not that feminist chick? No. Fucking. Way. I swear she was going to report me to HR over that ’while you’re down there’ joke a few months back! You should have seen her face! It was classic! But hasn’t she got a husband as well? I call bullshit mate.”

“Well, if you don’t believe me hang around for a bit,” replies John. “She’s meeting me here in about fifteen minutes.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Tell me though, does she suck dick? Those lips. Oh man… I can’t tell ya how much I’ve wanted to see those sweet little femmo lips wrapped around my schlong!”

“Three words old mate. Like. A. Pro.”

At this, you can’t help yourself and you choke on the last of your beer sending a spray over the bar including John and his mate. John and his mate look over at you. You freeze, not knowing what to do. Do you continue coughing and blame the beer? Or own up to listening in?