Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Sure why not? If she’s up for it, I’m willing to play my part. As long as I get a piece of the action!”

Before John can reply, your girlfriend speaks up.

“Oh Ross, thank you! You know how badly I need John’s big cock! Am I allowed to fuck him as well?” Rachel exclaims as she stands up and leans over the table, grabs your face and kisses you deeply. Her tongue enters your mouth as she moans, “Pleeeaaase?”

“Sure! Anything for my little slut girlfriend…” you gasp slumping back into the couch as Rachel releases you.

“Excellent!” chirps John. “Now Rachel, I seem to have dropped my napkin. Can you get it for me?”

“I’d be happy to Boss. Is it down here?” asks Rachel leaning over towards John’s lap.

As her head disappears below the table, you hear a zipper being undone. Then, in shock, you notice Rachel’s head slowly moving up and down and begin to hear tell tale sucking sounds. Your Rachel, your girlfriend is sucking her boss’ cock in the booth of a pub right in front of you. Your dick swells again at the thought, but this seems pretty risky — there are people around. Not many, but still. But it’s not like Rachel didn’t warn you.

“Oh yes Rachel, that’s it. What a good girl you are!” sighs John. “Hmmm…that’s it…deeper…deeper…” he continues, pushing down on Rachel’s head.

You hear a muffled gagging. “Ummpphh! Like… urumph… this? murrpmph…”

“Yes! Just like that!” replies John, reaching out for your phone on the table. He picks it up, and turns it around for you to unlock. Without thinking you unlock it. John gives you a thumbs up before pointing it down at your girlfriend’s head in his crotch under the table and he activates the camera.

“You’d better hurry up Rachel, I think people are going to notice!” laughs John. “Are you enjoying yourself down there?”

“Uurrgh! Oh… mmmurph… John… yes! I… mmmmmgh… love your… urrgh… your big cock!” struggles Rachel. Your girlfriend’s face appears above the table as she slides her mouth up the full length of John’s cock. Rachel turns to the side giving you a perfect view as she sucks the swollen head. John wiggles his cock about and Rachel chases it with her mouth, giggling like it’s a game. She is so engrossed in the slutty show that she doesn’t notice John grinning away, filming the whole thing.

The fact that John is videoing your girlfriend has you wincing at your painfully hard boner. At least it’s on your phone. So that’s good, but secretly you’re worried that John might ask his “new mate” for a copy. As a random “Ross” how would you be able to refuse?

“Oh Rachel. I just love your slutty little mouth! Get ready! Here it comes!” groans John as he pushes your girlfriend’s head down the length of his rigid cock and pumps his hips repeatedly. Eventually he relaxes, lets go of Rachel’s head, and quickly drops your phone back on to the table. Rachel sits back up. Her hair is a mess, and cum is dribbling over her lips. Looking at you she grins, slowly extends her tongue, and licks her lips clean as she attempts to smooth down her hair.

“That was yummy, Ross!” Rachel smiles. Then turning to John she continues, “Thank you boss, was that alright? I’m sorry I didn’t find that pesky napkin!”

“Oh, that’s alright Rachel,” laughs John. “I’m sure you’ll get a chance to have another look soon!”

“I think it might have dropped over this side,” you suggest. “Maybe Rachel could look…”, but John cuts you off.

“Here it is!” he chuckles, “It was right here all the time. Sorry Ross. I think it’s time that Rachel and I headed off.”

“Oh, that’s a shame! I was sooo looking forward to spending some time with the two of you!” exclaims Rachel, putting on an over the top pouty face.

John looks quizzically over at your girlfriend. “Hmmm…there’s an idea…” he muses.