Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Josh...)

Your right arm reaches over Rachel’s back and brings her into you. Your left arm tightens, bringing her hips into you. With her breast squashed on your chest, her groin squeezed tightly against yours, Rachel wraps her arms around your neck as she leans in and kisses your neck while you piston your cock furiously in and out of her wet pussy.

Rachel’s clit begin rubbing against your groin every time you slide deep into her. The stretching sensation from your thick member and the constant rubbing of her clitoris causes her orgasm to begin building up. Rachel bites into your neck and begins humping her hips into you meeting your rhythm. Then finally her orgasm hits her like shock waves travelling through her body.

You feel Rachel’s body shudder and writhe in your embrace while her vagina clamps down tightly on your rock-hard penis. She muffles her squeals and moans by keeping her lips on your neck. You don’t slow down. You continue pumping your cock in and out of her until you feel the familiar tingling sensation in your groin, the feeling of your impending climax building up.