Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

“I want… to be exposed online!” your girlfriend blurts out, blushing furiously and clearly concerned with what your reaction will be.

You are stunned silent for a moment, processing what she just said.

“Are you sure about this, baby? When you say ‘exposed’ — so you mean naked pictures? Videos? Or also your personal information, like your name, city, et cetera? And what about your contact info? Would you want random internet pervs to be able to email you? Message you on Facebook? Call and text you? They could be anywhere in the world, any time zone… you might get calls at three in the morning from some perv halfway around the world… Is that what you want? Or am I reading too much into what you said?”

Rachel seems to be thinking about what you said. “Yes… I want that. All of it! Fuck… I’m getting so turned on right now just thinking about it… If I get woken up in the middle of the night to be told by someone I’ve never met and never will that they are getting off to my pics or videos, I can’t imagine much that’d be hotter than that… Don’t you think I’m sexy, Daddy? Don’t you wanna show your hot little slut off to the whole world, and make them jealous that I’m all yours? They all get to look, but only you get to touch… and so much more…”

Mmmm… you love when she calls you “Daddy”… And yeah, she is sexy as fuck, why wouldn’t you wanna show her off, make others all over the world jealous, while also giving them a taste of what they’ll never have?

“Well, it would be criminally greedy of me to keep your beauty all to myself if you want to share your sexy body with the whole world. And like you said, they can look all they want, but they can’t touch.”

“Yes Ross, I’m all yours. I just want the rest of the world to know that I am all yours, but to at least get some pleasure from my body. I love making others happy. The more, the better!”

It’s true, she has always been a sweet, eager-to-please girl. She is always smiling, looking for any way to brighten peoples’ day.

“Well then, if you’re really sure, we’ll need to figure out what pictures you wanna post, and where. Also, do you wanna get any tattoos? Maybe that tramp stamp we’d talked about? I was joking, and I thought you were too, but now I might have to re-evaluate my opinion on that…”

“Mmm… yes… Mark your property any way you want…”

“My property, eh? Any way I want? Careful there, Pandora… You’re already opening one box you will never be able to close again…”

“I know, Ross… but as the old saying goes, ”in for a penny, in for a pound…“, and maybe in for a pounding?” She sticks out her tongue teasingly and waggles her butt at you…

“Yep. Tramp stamp it is. And we’ll add the URL of your blog to the design, so you’ll be advertising for yourself for the rest of your life. Now to create said blog, and to find as many other sites as possible to post your pics and videos to. And to then take the pictures and make the videos, obviously.”

So that is what you do. You head out to get her tattooed. Thankfully, the shop isn’t far from your place, and is quiet today. A couple of hours later, Rachel is freshly inked, and you two are heading back home to start taking pictures and making videos. While she was getting tattooed, you were discussing ideas for pictures and videos you each wanted and thought would be hot and popular. Which, I guess, means that your tattooist was the first person that your girlfriend has been exposed to. The first of many, hopefully.

Rachel strips as you come in the door and you direct her where to stand for the first video, Which is her identifying herself, and telling the world she wants to be exposed and shared as a webslut. She turns around, and shows off her tramp stamp, explaining that that is her blog URL, and that anyone is free to share, download and do whatever else they want with her pics, videos and info that she is going to be sharing. That it is all in the public domain, forever and a day. All she asks is that whenever her stuff is shared, that they message her with a link to where she has been shared to, both so she can see, and so that she can add it to the list of links of all the sites she has been shared to.

Rachel has been masturbating as she is saying this and you can tell she is close to the edge already. She says she will be uploading a bunch of pictures with this video, and that they will include her Facebook profile link, her email address, date of birth and other personal info, and that once she has been shared to thirteen sites beyond the ones she will be posting herself to today, she will also share her cell phone number. She says she can’t wait to start being able to get calls, and blows the camera a kiss and waves good bye. With that, you cut the recording, and place your phone down carefully and smother her with a kiss, pressing her up against the wall, and fucking her with a ferocity you never knew you had…

Forty-five minutes later you are sated enough to be able to get back to taking pictures. You direct her through the poses you had discussed earlier, and add some more that have come to you. She eagerly complies with your every direction. You compliment her on being such a good, obedient girl, telling her she will be very popular, and that you hope she doesn’t regret this, since there will be no turning back once she uploads these all to the internet.

You both go through all the pictures. Some of her standing, hands by her side, or clasped behind her head or cupping her tits. Some of her kneeling, some of her on her back, legs spread wide up by her head. Thank God for those yoga classes she takes… She is spreading her labia… no, her cunt lips in these next ones… like she is offering herself to the camera lens… Some showing off her ass… It needs a plug, or a cock… You mention that to her, and she eagerly gets up and gets out her plug, suckling it as she comes back. She sits up on all fours on the bed, spreading her cheeks for you, her offer clear for a blind man to see…

You plug her, slowly, carefully, twisting it as you insert it, enjoying her squeals of delight as it goes into her back hole…

A few more pics later, and she is now in your lap, connecting her phone to your laptop, where you have a bunch of tabs open for the sites you are going to upload her video and pictures to. She has added her personal info, making sure it is all there, on all the pics, and all correct. It would suck to go to all this work to expose yourself and then make a typo, right?

Rachel starts the uploads on one site, then moves on to the next, and then the next, and so on…

She is squirming impatiently, clearly turned on again by the idea of this fantasy now so close to becoming a reality…

Eventually she is now uploaded, though some of the sites say that it will be one to three days before the pictures are publicly visible. She is somewhat disappointed by this, but you remind her that she will be exposed for the rest of her life now, so what is waiting a little longer? And maybe it’ll be sooner! In the meantime, all you can do is wait. And fuck.

A week later, all the pictures and videos are publicly visible on all the sites, and you’ve been getting bombarded with messages. Lewd offers, suggestions, dick pics by the ton, photo and video requests, links where your girlfriend has been shared to. And that makes thirteen new sites. So now it is time for her to post her cell phone number. She does. She is breathing heavily as she does so.

But once she does, she turns to you, hops on you, and gives you the ride of your lives. As you are both on the brink of explosive orgasms, her phone rings… she checks the number…