Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

It’s an unknown number. Nervously, Rachel answers the phone. “He-hello?”

“Is this Rachel?”

“Yes, it is. Why?”

“I saw your pictures online. Love that tattoo you got on your back. Is it fresh?”

“Mmm… yes it is. Have you shared my pictures anywhere yet?”

“Not yet. Maybe if you sent me a picture, I would.”

“Okay. That seems fair. What would you like as a picture?”

“You have a car, right?”


“I want you naked, sitting on the back bumper or whatever, so I can see your car’s license plate, with your cunt spread right above it. Don’t you think that that would be a very sexy picture you could share with me and the world?”

“Mmmm… I definitely do. And I would have to do it before nightfall, so you could see everything properly, wouldn’t I?”

“Mmmmm… yes, that does make sense… Are you masturbating right now, Rachel?”

“Yes, I am. Are you masturbating too? Mmm… I don’t even know your name, yet I am gonna send you a picture for you to share of me to expose me further online… fuck, I am such a slut!” As she says this, she explodes, squirting all over the bed.

That seems to set him off, as he cums too, grunting and swearing… “Fuck, you are such a hot little slut, Rachel. Wish I lived closer so I could fuck you in person. I am on Tumblr. I will message you now so you know where to PM me that photo.” And he hangs up.

She gets a notification on her Tumblr account a couple minutes later. One of seventy-eight she has since last night. She gets ready to go out and take the picture for him, reflecting on how she doesn’t know his name, or what country he is from or anything, yet he, and everyone else she has been chatting with online knows so much about her. And all this by her own choosing. She has exposed herself online. Like you said, there is no going back from this, ever. She is now and forever an exposed webslut. And she loves it.

“We should start recording and filming my masturbation and orgasms, and uploading them too. What do you think?” she asks you.

“That sounds like a great idea. As for your orgasms, don’t you think you should leave that up to me from now on? Don’t you think you need Daddy’s permission to cum from now on? Since so much that once had been intimate and private between just us is now in the public domain, shouldn’t you start giving me more control over other aspects of your life? If you want to, of course. You don’t have to, I am just asking. You said you were mine. And I am yours. I love you. I want to spend the rest of our lives together, exposing you even when you’re 69 or 70 years old. Not just when you’re young and 69-ing with me, or with my step-sister Amy. But part of being ”mine“ could be deepening your submission, and even enslavement to me. Think about it. Do you want to give me control over certain aspects of your life? I already choose your outfits, not that you wear much anyways, particularly with this heat wave right now. What about orgasm control? I already have your email and social media login info. What about your bank account info? So many possibilities… No rush, baby girl… Daddy ain’t going anywhere, just stuff to think about…”

“Yeah, I will think about all that, Daddy… Um. No. Yeah. I want you to… No. You deserve to control my orgasms. I am yours, and so are they. They belong to you, just like I do. So it is up to you what you do with them, and if you give them back to me, and when, if at all. And I would love for you to take control of my bank account, Daddy. Give me an allowance. You’re so much better at budgeting than I am anyway. And yes, I want that too. Us growing old together. I hope I am still sexy enough that people still want to look at me when I’m old, I don’t want to break the internet with my ugly old saggy titties when I’m old and grey…”

“Mmm… I am such a lucky man…” You hug her tightly, groping that firm, plugged ass. “Nope, not saggy yet. Not by a longshot. But you have a picture to take! So hop to it!” You give her a playful swat on the butt.

“Eep! Yes Daddy! Can you come down with me? To stay just inside the door with a robe, and to be my lookout on my way down?”

“That would cost you a blowjob.”

“Yes Daddy.” She drops to her knees, and starts pulling down your boxers.

“Nuh uh. Not now, you silly, eager cock slut. After the services are rendered. In other words, after you’re done with the picture, and we’re back upstairs safely.”

“Oh. Yes, Daddy. Sorry I am so eager and addicted to your cock, Daddy.”

“That is nothing you need to apologize for, slut.”

So she grabs her phone, her keys and a robe, and puts the keys in one of the pockets while you throw on a t-shirt, jeans and your running shoes. Now you head downstairs for her to take her picture.

Once it is done, and she is back inside in the lobby of your building, you ask her if she thinks anyone saw her, she seems disappointed when she says no. You shake your head internally and wonder if there is any limit to her exhibitionism. You check the picture. “Very nicely done, sweetheart. He will be very pleased. As will all the other people who will see this once it is shared. Now, for my payment?”

Rachel stares at you a moment, confused, before it hits her. She drops to her knees, and unzips your jeans and carefully fishes your cock out, and starts to suck on it, gazing adoringly up at you and you down at her.

This eventually becomes a pattern. Each call she gets being the most amazing foreplay imaginable, as after each one, you two have mind-blowing sex. That then is also recorded and uploaded. The cycle of her exposure just getting deeper and deeper. And then one day, about two months after her initial upload of that first video and batch of pictures, she gets a call that will change everything all over again…