Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ak01...)

You crash down on your bed with Rachel lying down beside you. While panting she tries to speak to you but she cannot muster the strength to talk after she has been fucked like that. You both start giggling and passionately kiss with both tongues dancing with each other.

Slowly she pulls her face away but there is still a strong of saliva still linking you. Looking into her big eyes you exclaim, “did you enjoy that, Rachel?” She looks at you smiling and you instantly get hard again. Even after you have been completely drained the beauty of her smile still gets you.

While staring at her in awe she comes back in and gives you a passionate kiss, you reciprocate this before you start to lick her neck. This sensual and erotic moment with your girlfriend you will surely remember forever.

You slowly move down her body while massaging her silky tits. You reach her clit and breathe over it, making her crave you. You give it a solitary lick before looking back at her. You see her left index finger in her mouth as she runs her right hand through your hair.

You gently start to lick her pussy and make circles around her clit. Before she is about to climax you stop, making her want you even more.

Eventually she goes on top of you. She starts to gently caress your throbbing dick, wrapping her soft lips around the tip before starting to suck on it.

She looks back up at you and moves towards you to kiss you again. You share a long passionate kiss before flipping her over so you are on top. She lets out a naughty chuckle as her warm pussy engulfs your hard, throbbing dick. You slowly slide the length of your cock inside her and as you do this you lean in and share a passionate kiss, tongues intertwining and dancing together.

At this point you realize that you are not fucking her — you two are making love and it’s just about the most incredible thing you’ve ever experienced. Even when you reach your climax you don’t bother to stop, you just continue thrusting, kissing, touching, rubbing until after a while a second orgasm hits you and after this you both just collapse in a heap, still kissing and holding each other.

As you lie there with your girlfriend in your arms you begin to come back to reality. You slowly crane your neck to check the time and see that you have been together all night and you have only an hour to get ready. You should probably be concerned by this but you cuddle Rachel and gently kiss her forehead before falling asleep with your girlfriend in your arms.