Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

“Mia, do you have a friend you can trust? Someone who can cover for you while you come to our place for even more fun? Assuming you want to, of course.”

She nods.

“Cool. Text her, and tell her to tell your parents you’ll be there if they call looking for you. And to make her parents think you’re in her room studying with her. Do you do sleepovers? Maybe you twi could have one, and we could drive you to her place later so you actually could? Maybe you could even show her some of the fun stuff we’ll be showing you… my girlfriend can even loan you a toy or two if you want…” You turn to Rachel. “Whaddaya say, honey? Wanna teach this sweet young girl things her school teachers won’t?”

Your girlfriend nods enthusiastically. “Oh Mia, we are gonna have so much fun today!” She kisses Mia on the lips again. “C’mon, we better go. Time’s a —wastin’!”

So you head out to your car. You drive them home, while Mia and Rachel are making out in the back seat.

“Am I the first woman you’ve ever been with, Mia?”

She nods, still barely saying anything.

“Come on, Mia. That mouth is good for more than kissing. You’re a smart girl, so studious… I am sure you’re more articulate than this… We don’t bite. Unless you’re into that… C’mon sweetie… We can’t read your mind…” says Rachel.

“I--- this is just so unusual… none of the boys ever flirt with me, they call me ”bookworm,“ and ”Mousy Mia“ and stuff…”

“Well, like you said, they are boys,” replies Rachel. “Immature, and they don’t know real beauty when they see it. They are drawn to simple, obvious things like big boobs. Cause they have simple minds. But you are a very beautiful young woman, and you are a flower that will yet blossom. See my big boobs? (Mia nods) Mine were smaller than yours are when I was your age. They sprouted literally over Spring Break when I was fifteen. My mom had to buy me new bras and blouses before I could go back to school for the rest of my senior year, cause nothing I had would fit me. Not even kidding. I think I grew three inches in height, and gained two cup sizes that week. When I went back to school, people thought I had had a boob job. But they’re all natural. Still are. Obviously, not everyone will have that kind of sudden, extreme growth. But I am telling you, yours will grow. Besides, do you want to attract boys? Or men? Girls? Or women? You’re really bright. I saw your name and picture on the Dean’s List.”

“Th-thank you, Rachel. I- I want to attract men and women, definitely. You’re right. Boys and girls are dumb. They think in very simple terms. They don’t appreciate the finer, subtler things in life. Only stuff that is obvious and right in front of them.”

Your girlfriend kisses Mia full on the mouth, slipping her tongue in, which Mia eagerly reciprocates. “Good girl! Errr… Good woman! Now, we’re almost home. So, I am gonna get undressed, and so should you.”

At Mia’s quizzical look, Rachel continues. “We have a garage, silly… I wanna fuck you on the hood of this car. And I know my boyfriend will want to too.”

So they get undressed. And once the car is parked, so do you. As you do, they start heading over to the front of the car, and, true to her word, Rachel lies down on the hood and invites Mia to sit on top of her in a sixty-nine. They start eating each other out, and you have a perfect vantage point to watch Mia eating out Rachel’s juicy cunt. But you want to do more than watch. Mia is so focused on eating Rachel out that she doesn’t notice you until she feels you penetrate her.

“Don’t worry, honey. I had a vasectomy. I can’t get either of you pregnant. This way, we can have all the kinky fun we want, without the risk of pregnancy. And if we later decide we want kids, it is reversible. But for now, on with the kinky fun!” With that, you resume pounding her, gradually picking up speed. After the fun in the library, you needed the time of traveling home to “recharge your batteries,” and seeing them make out the whole way home, listening to their conversation, and watching them make out on the hood of your car got you raring to go again.

Once Rachel and Mia both have cum, Rachel gets up and goes to get something out of the trunk of your car. Meanwhile, you keep pounding Mia. Soon, Rachel is back, wearing a strap-on dildo, that you both had custom made, based on your own cock. She explains this to Mia, telling her she is about to get a copy of your cock pounding her ass to match the original one in her tasty little cunt. “Do you want that, Mia? You want two identical cocks pounding your two tight teenage holes?”

“Ye-yes!!! Pound my tight holes till they aren’t tight any more! PLEASE!!! Anything you want! Oh God!!! This feels so good! Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me…” This last part becomes a mantra, as your girlfriend takes Mia up on her request, and starts pounding her ass, matching you stroke for stroke. One in, the other out, back and forth, back and forth. After a few minutes of this, she switches to match you. Both in, both out, both in, both out… Mia has five orgasms this way, and Rachel has 3, and you cum inside Mia.

Mia is spent, and unable to stand on her own, collapsing after you both have pulled out of her. You catch her, and help her balance herself between your car and your body.

“That was great, sweetie. You ready for the main event?”

“Ross! She is so young! A beginner! You’re gonna traumatize the poor girl!” Rachel says teasingly.

“Main--- main event?” Mia asks, more than a little nervously.

“I’m messing with you. Unless you really would want to go up to our room, or down to the basement? We have a fully equipped sex dungeon down there. All kinds of toys and equipment…”

“Maybe… maybe next time?” Mia offers.

“Mmmm…I love the sound of that!” you say.

“So do I!” Rachel adds.

“What is your cell phone number, Mia? Rachel and I will both text you, so you’ll have both our numbers, and then we can set up get-togethers whenever our schedules permit! That sound good?”

Mia nods and you swap numbers.