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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

“Of course, there is still one thing that needs to get done before we can get dressed and have dinner before driving you over to your friend’s place. One thing you’ll learn is that whenever you play with sex toys, as with any other toys or tools, it is essential to clean them afterwards, so they remain in the best condition possible. Make sense?”

“Yes, Sir. That makes excellent sense,” Mia replies.

You both hug Mia again, she is a real sweetie. A doll. You really made a great choice with her. Someone is going to be very lucky some day to get to call her their girlfriend (and maybe their sub).

“So, Mia, there are two cocks that need cleaning. And the easiest and most fun way to clean a cock doesn’t require any special tools or equipment. All it requires is a mouth. And we have two cocks to clean, so that means we need either two mouths, or one very eager, hard working mouth. Would you like to help with any of that clean-up?”

“Clean them… with my mouth, Sir? But… her’s was in… my butt…”

“Rachel? Have you ever done ass-to-mouth with me?” you ask.

“A few times, Daddy.”

“See, Mia? It’s a thing. And not just us. It is actually rather common. Though it is an acquired taste, that not everyone acquires or wants to. No one will force you. Either you will do it, or you won’t. That simple. No punishments, no stress. We are all here to have a good, stress and drama-free time. If you don’t want to, Rachel will, either with her mouth, or with a cloth. I just wanted to offer you the chance to try something different, if you wanted to. Once they’re clean, we’ll head down to the dungeon, so you can grab a couple toys to play with your friend tonight. We’ll answer any questions you have, either then, or over dinner, or while we’re driving you to her place. Or afterwards. You can always text or call us. Though we both work, so we might not always be free to answer right away.”

“That’s okay, Sir. I wouldn’t presume that level of availability anyways. And… did she call you Daddy?”

“Yes, she did. That is what she calls me when we’re doing any Dom/sub stuff. Also, I am keeping my explanations fairly simple for now, to avoid throwing too much terminology at you at once.”

“Okay. Thank you, Sir. Or should I call you Daddy too?”

You chuckle. “Not yet. I am a Dom, but I am not your Dom. Not yet. That is something we’d have to negotiate. But not now. You’re still too young, and too inexperienced in the Lifestyle. Patience, young Padawan. Much more to learn you have, yes…”

Mia and Rachel both laugh at your nerdy joke.

“So, do you want to try the taste of your own ass on Rachel’s cock? Or is she gonna get the chance instead?”

Mia thinks about it, and then answers, “I came here to try new things, and if I don’t try this, I won’t know if I like it or not. If I try it, and don’t like it, do I have to continue?”

“No! Not at all! If you feel you have tried it enough to know you definitely don’t like it, then Rachel will finish it. Right, baby?”

“Yep. No worries, Mia. These cocks are getting cleaned no matter what. You wanna try this one first, then suck Ross’s after, to clean out your mouth if you don’t wind up enjoying this?”

“That is great idea… Miss?”

“Just call me Rachel, and call him Ross. No need to be so formal, sweetie. Though it speaks very well of your parents and how they raised you and what a darling young woman you are. Those idiots at school are deaf, dumb and blind to not see what a treasure they have in their midst. She hugs Mia again. And you join in.

But then you back off, and Mia kneels down, takes a deep breath and starts to take Rachel’s dildo in her mouth. From her reaction, it seems the taste, while still not great to her, is not nearly as bad as she expected. But soon, she seems to decide to continue, and she gets more into it. Soon, the dildo is shiny and clean.

“Okay, sweetie. That’s one done, and one to go,” Rachel says.

Needing no further encouragement, Mia switches, and sucks your dick down her throat in one gulp, deep-throating the real thing right away after her practice on the duplicate. She is a natural, and you are soon on the verge of another orgasm. You let her know, but rather than letting up, she speeds up. As you get close, you let her know, but rather than keep you in her mouth, she pulls off, and finishes you off with her hands, and you spurt all over her face and tits.

She moans, and thanks you, explaining she wants this to show her friend tonight when she heads over there.

“Maybe she’ll join me next time, if that’d be okay with you two? I can send you pics of her and me tonight if you want? As for toys, can I borrow that dildo and the harness?”

You look to Rachel, since it’s really hers, not yours.

“Sure you can,” your girlfriend replies. “You want your friend to see and feel my Ross’s cock, huh?”

“Mhmm…” Mia says, blushing.

“So, now that both cocks are clean, time to go shopping in the dungeon!” Rachel says.

You interrupt. “Actually, first, let’s order dinner, it’ll take some time for it to arrive. What do you feel like tonight, Mia? My treat. Your choice.”

You wind up ordering from the local Greek place. It should be here in about thirty minutes, so now it’s time to go down to the dungeon…

Mia winds up picking out a butt plug, and a pair of nipple clamps with a chain that connects to a clit clamp. Then she notices a large plastic thing that looks like a weird pair of underwear. “What’s that?”

“That is a chastity belt, Mia. A woman wears it so she can’t touch herself for sexual pleasure, and it locks on, and she gives someone else the key. Then she needs their permission to be able to touch herself. To masturbate. And to orgasm.”

“Do you ever wear that?”

“Obviously not right now. But we bought it for if we did want to experiment with chastity play. But for now, Ross wants to fuck me too much for that to be a viable option, heh heh heh…”

“Yep, so for now, we have to content ourselves with her needing Daddy’s permission to touch herself or cum,” you explain.

“Is that true, Rachel? Does Daddy control your orgasms?”

“Yes, he does, Mia. And I am so grateful to have found someone I trust so much that I can feel safe and comfortable giving him this level of control in my life. I hope you are also able to find someone with whom you share this kind of deep love and trust, whether you wind up as a Domme, a sub, a slave, or a switch. Assuming you even wind up deciding this Lifestyle is indeed for you. Whatever path your life takes you, I wish you much love and joy. You are truly a remarkable, lovely young woman.”

“You’re both so sweet. Thank you so much for sharing your personal lives and such intimate details with me. As well as thank you for all your kind words. It’s one thing for my parents to say that I am wonderful or beautiful or whatever. But they’re my parents, they kinda have to say that stuff, you know? But you two saying it, you don’t have to, you’re choosing to. So thank you again.”

“You’re very welcome, Mia. And like you said, we aren’t saying this for some hidden reason, some ulterior motive. We’re saying it because we believe it to be true. Right, Rachel?”

“Yep. Now, dinner time!”

You head back upstairs. Rachel had gone up a bit earlier when the delivery guy rang, and paid him, and gave him his “standard tip” (both cash, and a handjob with her boobs out. You order from them about twice a month, so their delivery guy knows you, and you know him.)

You chow down, and once you’re done, Mia texts her friend, and you set up sneaking her in to keep our cover stories set up. Later that evening, Mia texts you, and sends you some pictures of them, Mia’s friend is gorgeous too. You really chose well here…