Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Things seem to be getting a little out of control. First John tells that sleazeball about his antics with your girlfriend, which he assured Rachel he wouldn’t do, and now he’s got her openly flashing her boobs in public! Yeah, you think, he a real “nice guy” indeed. Besides, you’re not sure how long the “random Ross” charade could possibly continue. You decide that the better part of valor is to get outta there, hope that John calms down and things get a little less public.

“Sorry John, this is a little bit too extreme for me,” you say, “I think that I’ll leave you two to your own devices.” With that you stand up and start to leave.

“That’s a shame Ross, but I understand. Not everyone is man enough to handle a little slut like Rachel. Lord knows her boyfriend certainly isn’t. Am I right Rachel?”

Your girlfriend blushes and looks down at the table for a moment. “We’ll I wouldn’t go too far. When the mood takes him, he can really step it up…” she says looking up at you slowly before turning to John, “but…yeah, there’s something inside me that I need to get out of my system that he hasn’t. Soooo…”

John chuckles. “Like flopping your boobs out and letting me have a little grope in public? Did he ever make you feel like doing that before?” enquires John.

“No. I’ve only done that for you…” whispers Rachel, going an even deeper shade of red.

“Well that’s all very interesting,” you retort harshly. “I better be going. Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t know what a hot little slut you are Rachel? If you let him know what you need to get off, perhaps he’d be happy to help out? Ever thought of that? Maybe then you wouldn’t have to resort to letting John treat you like this?”

Your girlfriend looks up at you a little shocked. “Maybe you’re right…”

“Maybe. But then again, he doesn’t have a cock this size, does he Rachel?” John cuts in. “Have you forgotten so quickly? Here, let me remind you…” he continues, taking Rachel’s hand and placing it on his crotch. Rachel’s eyes drop, and her face fills with lust.

“Yes. I…mean no…Oh gawd! It’s just so big. Oh please John, please! You know I want this!” babbles your girlfriend as she rubs her hand over the huge bulge in John’s pants.

That’s enough for you. “Wow. Looks like you’re really gagging for it, Rachel. Don’t let me get in the way!” you quip as you walk off. You head out to the car and drive home, wondering whether Rachel will see sense and come home before John bends her over the table and fucks her right there in the pub.

Eventually you get home and head straight for the fridge to grab a beer. As you take the first sip, you remember the video from Friday and head up to get the camera. Maybe a good wank will cheer you up? Satisfied it’s properly hooked up to your big screen TV, you sit down on the couch and press “play”. The screen lights up and there is Rachel pushing John back against the bedroom door, your bedroom door, and sliding to her knees as she gobbles his oversized cock. The sound is a little low, so you turn up the volume just as Rachel on the screen looks over at the camera and smiles, before looking back at John. Suddenly your girlfriend’s voice bursts from the screen.

“I can be any type of slut you want. In fact I’d be happy to! See!”

Your dick swells as you watch your girlfriend pull that sexy black bra down below her boobs. You finish the beer off in one go as you unzip your pants with your free hand. By the time you’re done Rachel is back on her knees with her hands on John’s thighs trying to limit the depth of his strokes as he face-fucks her. This has gotta be the best porn your ever seen, and it’s only the beginning. Jumping up, you grab the remainder of the six-pack from the fridge and a box of tissues. Settling back on the couch, you set the video to play on a loop.

The night goes on like this, drinking beer and wanking over and over to the sights and sounds of your sexy girlfriend sucking her boss, getting face fucked, and deep-throating him hands-free. After a couple of hours, you pass out from a combination of beer and exhaustion.