Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Suddenly a loud voice rouses you. Rachel’s voice.

“Oh. My. God! Ross! How long have you been wanking off to that?” cries Rachel. “Jesus! The tissue box is almost empty!”

Through bleary eyes you see your girlfriend shaking the tissue box at you. Not knowing what else to do you just shrug sheepishly. “Yeah you busted me. In my own defence, it’s seriously hot porn. The star really knows her stuff, and she’s sexy as fuck. She really gets into it too.”

Rachel smiles at this, and you’re hopeful that she’s not still pissed at your parting jibe when you stormed out of the pub. “Nice, my boyfriend thinks I’m a porno star good enough to beat his meat raw to!” she says, her smile turning into laughter. Kneeling down as she reaches back and unzips her dress, Rachel asks, “Would he care for a personal performance?”

Nodding yes, you look at your girlfriend kneeling in front of you with her dress bunched around her waist. Rachel smiles again, and leans forward taking your swollen dick in her hand. As she slowly strokes you she locks your eyes with hers.

“Sorry it took me so long to get home — I had to find a taxi. You were right. I told John that it was a bit of a reality check and maybe I should keep this stuff between me and my boyfriend. Is that okay?”

“Thanks Rachel. Yeah, it was a bit too far. I mean, you let him play with your boobs in public…” You decide to keep the bit about John telling the sleazebag to yourself for now. “I don’t think you can trust John. I think he’s not as nice as you think.”

“Don’t worry about that for now. Just sit back and enjoy this…” replies Rachel, sliding her mouth down your dick. “Hmmm…is that nice?” she asks licking the head. Without waiting for a reply she returns puts her mouth back to work. You reach out and try to grab your girlfriend’s head like John did, but she pushes your hands away and continues sucking. All the wanking earlier means that it takes several minutes before you’re close to cumming even though Rachel is giving you best blowjob you’ve ever had. When Rachel senses that you’re about to cum she slows down, speaking to you between sucks.

“Ross… mmurrph… do you want to know… urrghhh… why it took me so long… mmupphhh… to get home?”

“Sure… you couldn’t find… ahhh… ahhh… taxi…” you groan trying to hold off blowing your wad so you can enjoy your girlfriend’s ministrations for a few minutes more.

“Oh, I found a taxi just fine. It was resolving things with John that took up most of the time,” replies Rachel removing her mouth from your dick and returning to stroking you off.

“Oh I get it, John wasn’t too happy huh? Took a bit of talking hey, I can understand that,” you agree. Rachel shakes her head no, and you marvel at how it makes her boobs jiggle. “Huh? I don’t understand?”

“John was easy. He really is a nice guy like I said. He just got carried away again. It was me who needed a resolution waaaay more than John,” smiles Rachel and returns her mouth to your dick. You feel her hands take yours and move them to the sides of her head. “That’s it Ross… uurrggh… push me down… muppphh… all the… urrgghh… way… it’s what I… urrgghhh… deserve,” she gasps between you pushing her head so far down onto your dick that her nose is buried in your public hair.

“Huh, deserve? What the fuck?” you grunt, pulling her face up and looking into her eyes. Rachel nods at you and reaches up slowly stroking you off again.

“Hmmm… I have a confession… to make…” Rachel purrs. “I couldn’t say no. It was just once. That’s it never again… but I had to have John fuck me with his huge cock. I just had to. Oh god! It was sooo fucking good! Does that make me a bad girlfriend?” moans Rachel as points your dick at her wide open mouth and starts rapidly jerking you off.

It’s too much. The sight of Rachel keeling there, dress bunched around her waist, the movement of her hand on your dick causing her perfect boobs to jiggle about, her wide open wet mouth waiting for your cum, has you exploding instantly. After a surprisingly large amount of jizz fills her mouth Rachel makes a big show of swallowing it all and liking her pretty lips. Noticing some on her boobs, she wipes it off and seductively sucks her finger clean.

“Hmmm, that was yummy Ross!”

The End