Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

A familiar voice responds from behind you. “Sounds like a fair deal!” You turn around and, yep, sure enough, old mate is there grinning from ear to ear. He pulls you up out of the booth. “Better luck next time mate!” he laughs as he pushes you towards the bar and slides into your seat opposite Rachel.

You stagger away in total shock. Not only are you not going to get to fuck your girlfriend, but she is going to be the centre of a three-way with her boss and a sleazebag from her work who sexually harasses her. Thinking back, Rachel didn’t respond. You carefully work your way around the bar, and sneak back into the next booth.

“…Now Rachel, it’s fine. It will be our little secret. Besides, you begged me for my cock last night, didn’t you? Don’t you still want it?”

“You know I do. I want it bad enough that I let you play with my boobs and have me blow you right here!” whines Rachel, causing old mate to snigger loudly.

“Well then, that settles it. You’re going to have to do the both of us to get it. Okay? Happy with that? Trust me, it will be worth it.”

There is silence for a second. Then you hear it.

“Yes…” whispers Rachel.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hear you?” chuckles John.

“Yes… I’m happy with it”, replies Rachel, in a louder more confident voice. “Lucky for him he’s as he’s as big as you. I should know, I got a bird’s-eye view fixing the paper jam a few months back!” giggles Rachel, “How can I refuse?”

“No way! You bitch! I thought you were gunna report me! Come to think of it, why didn’t you?” laughs old mate.

“I’d rather not say… it’ll… um… sound bad…” replies your girlfriend a little hesitantly.

“Now I’m going to insist you spill the beans!” John enquires. “I’m intrigued!”

“Well, um, when I saw how… um… hard you were…” mutters Rachel shyly, “You know, that you felt that way about me. It was kinda… umm… flattering…” she trails off. John and old mate find this very amusing and laugh out loud.

“Oh Rachel, that doesn’t sound bad at all!” laughs John. “Amazing what a nice fat cock will do isn’t it? I think it might be wise that you have another good look. What do you say old mate?”

“Couldn’t agree more! Rachel, get under the table!”

“Certainly! Is there…” your girlfriend giggles, “Is there anything I can do for you while I’m down there?” she goes on, still giggling. It all goes quiet, and you lean back into the seat straining to hear. There is a sight scuffling sound and you can feel the back of your seat push back against you. All goes still and quiet for a few seconds, then you hear a low groan before old mate speaks.

“You were right! She sucks cock like a pro! I knew those pretty little femmo lips were gunna feel so good!” old mate grunts.

This generates a sudden ‘thump’ followed a loud “Oww!” from Rachel and a commotion breaks out. Clearly his commentary caused provoked a response from your girlfriend that has John and old mate found hilarious as they laugh loudly.

“That’s not funny! I hurt my head! Femmo? Really? You’re a pig!” explodes Rachel, but John cuts her off.

“Not so femmo now though, are you? No, I think there is another word that describes you better, don’t you Rachel?” he retorts, sniggering. “Don’t bother, I think we all know the answer. Anyway, it’ll be our little secret. No need to let your femmo friends know you get off sucking cocks under the table. Never mind the lap dance you’re going to give us. Now get that ass over here.”

Again you hear shuffling sounds, and then a few seconds later your girlfriend speaks up nervously. “I’ve never done this before… and there’s not much room to move… am I doing it right?”

“Oh yes, Rachel, you’re doing just fine. Slow and steady does it. Mmmm, that ass feels so good!” responds John clearly enjoying the lap dance.

“Rachel, I think you need to make up for not finishing me off. I’d like a little entertainment as well. Be a good girl and get those boobs out!” interrupts old mate.

“Really? In here? That’s pretty risky… but what if we get caught? We’ll get thrown out!” asks Rachel worriedly.

“Oh, you’re pretty good with your mouth, I’m sure you can use it to get us out of trouble!” laughs John. Old mate’s appreciation cuts John off. “Man, those orbs are everything I hoped for Rachel. They look ripe for a good titty-fucking! Oh yeah, and they feel so good. Those nips… mmm mmm!” You know that your girlfriend loves her nipples being played with, and it’s not long before you hear Rachel begin to moan.

“Oh god, that feels sooo good. So good… Oh god… I’m such a… such a slut,” gasps your girlfriend between low deep moans.

Rachel is right, and it’s so sexy and slutty that you can’t help yourself and start rubbing your dick under the table. Within seconds you cum in your pants while Rachel still gasps and moans behind you. You quickly run off to the toilets to clean up before it soaks through your pants. You don’t want to let Rachel out of your sight — what if they leave? But you don’t want an embarrassing wet patch on your pants.