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Hiding in a stall you frantically wipe your pants, but a commotion outside stops you. Peeking between the gap in the door you’re shocked to see John and old mate escorting Rachel into the toilets. With relief you notice that she’s still fully clothed, but that doesn’t last long. John and old mate unzip her dress and pull it down.

There she is, your girlfriend, standing in the men’s toilet wearing just sheer black stockings and high heels. She looks so fucking sexy. John starts mauling her left boob, while old mate goes to work her right boob. At this point Rachel is moaning with her head lolling back towards the ceiling. They both step back folding her boobs, feeling their weight as they squeeze them and rub the nipples between their fingers. Rachel just stands there with her eyes closed, letting then both do as they please. Eventually they lower her on to her dress spread out on the floor right outside your cubicle.

“On your hands and knees, Rachel, that’s it!” grunts John, unzipping his pants and positioning himself behind her. Old mate kneels down in front of your girlfriend’s face and pulls her head up by the hair. Rachel willingly opens her mouth for him, but old mate chuckles and slaps Rachel’s cheeks with his stiff cock a few times before sliding it inside. Rachel’s cheeks hollow and puff out as she sucks his cock, and slurping sounds fill the room.

John rubs his cock around Rachel’s pussy, coating it in her slippery juices before sliding the head inside and withdrawing it. This drives your girlfriend crazy, and she starts pushing her hips backwards trying to force more of John’s cock inside her hungry pussy. John grabs her fleshy hips, and holds Rachel still, preventing her from reaching satisfaction. You watch her straining to push herself back against John as old mate slides his cock back and forth into her willing mouth. At this, John releases Rachel’s hips and his cock rams into her pussy causing her to moan, “Oh gaawwd!” around old mate’s cock. You hear Rachel’s excitement build, the noises becoming louder and louder until her body tenses up and she comes violently in between the two men using her body for their pleasure. Old mate chuckles and pulls his cock out of her mouth.

“Rachel, look up!” old mate chuckles.

Without thinking, your girlfriend raises her face smiling up at him in post orgasmic pleasure, as he spews load after load of cum all over her pretty face. This pushes Rachel over the edge and she shudders in another orgasm before collapsing on the floor. John rides her all the way down, picking up the pace and really pounding into Rachel face down on the floor. This drives Rachel crazy.

“Oh gaaawwd! That’s it… so big… so full… sooo gooood… fuck me… fuck the shit… outta me… oh god… oh god… yesssss… ooohhh gaaawwd… I’m… I’m… about… to… cum… please… don’t stop… don’t stop… pleeeaase… oooh… yess!” begs your girlfriend as she writhes under John in the throes of yet another orgasm.

You can’t believe it. Your girlfriend just came what? Three times in the last five minutes? Without anyone touching her clit, just fucking her. Actually, you reflect, not even just fucking her. Once it was because was old mate came on her face.

The slapping of John’s balls on your girlfriend’s ass snaps you back to reality, and you bend down to get a better view of the action from under the door. You can’t believe the sight as your girlfriend’s limp body is jolted forwards like a worn-out rag doll as John humps her on the floor. Rachel grunts at the force of John’s thrusts and she begins to moan again with the pleasure he is giving her. Rachel is turned toward you, eyes closed with a blissful smile on her face. A face covered in cum from the facial old mate just gave her.

After a while John stops and withdraws his cock from your girlfriend’s pussy, and presses her down with his hands on her fleshy ass. That’s when it happens. Rachel opens her eyes. For a second you just stare at each other. You make a move to stand up, but she locks your eyes with hers, a wicked smile lighting up her cum covered pretty face, and silently mouths “No.” You stay still, waiting for what comes next.

“Please John… please fuck me again?” whispers Rachel, turning her head to face downwards submissively. A glob of old mate’s cum drips off her cheek and onto the floor with a wet ‘splat’.

“Oh no, Rachel, not just yet! Surely, you’ve had enough by now?” chides John.

“Just do it! Stick it in me! Please?” Rachel begs, trying in vain to push her hips up towards John.

“Stick what in you Rachel?” teases John as he rubs the head of his cock around the soaking wet entrance to your girlfriend’s pussy.

“Your big fat cock. Stick your big fat cock in me. Pleeease John, please? I want to come on your big cock again. I need to. Please?” begs your girlfriend yet again. Turning to smile at you she opens her mouth and licks the cum dribbling onto her lips as John slides his cock balls-deep into her pussy. In mid-motion Rachel freezes, mouth open with cum coating her tongue. A look of shock washes over her face. For a split second you’re confused, but then you hear it.

“Oh shit! I knew it. That slut’s in here! She’s fucking those guys, check it out!”

You have no idea what to do. This could easily turn into a gangbang with guys lined up taking turns on your girlfriend. On the other hand, maybe John won’t want to share? Can you trust John to take care of your girlfriend and wait to see what happens? Or do you intervene?