Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

As you have your step-sister bent over in prime fucking position on your bed, you are about to pound that ass when something stops you. A question that needs asking. And answering.

“Are you sure about this, Amy?”

“Yes! Dammit! Fuck me! Reclaim my holes!”

“And why did you insist it just be us two in here?”

“I… I didn’t want my best friend to watch me sleeping with her man! This way, I won’t feel as guilty, I guess?”

“She wanted this too, my silly, though very sexy, slutty sis…”

“Step-sister!” She always insisted on that prefix. She always was weird about whenever you called her “sister” during any sexy play.

“Fine. My silly, sexy slutty step-sister. Jeez, that’s a lot of ‘S’ words…”

“So, a threesome? All of us?”

“Yes. Jeez. You’ve had sex with both of us individually. We’re now a couple. Are you sure that blonde isn’t growing into your brain? You’re normally really smart. Maybe you aren’t any more? I know you used to say you wished you were a bimbo. Maybe you are one now?”

She sits up, and you sit down next to her on the bed. “Nope. I just love you both, and don’t want to come between you two. I see how happy you make each other. And I didn’t want to come between my best friend and my sexy step-brother.”

“Well, you are going to come between us, Amy. Cause I am gonna invite Rachel in, and she is gonna put on a strap-on dildo, and we are gonna pound your two holes until you are screaming in ecstasy! How’s that sound? We got it custom made, based on my cock.”

“Mmmmm… yes, invite her in. If that is really what you both want, why wouldn’t I want it too? This sounds like a dream. If it is, I pray I never wake up. Just let me stay in this amazing coma forever!”

So you invite your girlfriend in to join you. She gets the dildo and puts it on, and soon enough you both do indeed get Amy screaming your names in ecstasy.

Then it’s Rachel’s turn as the middle of the sex sandwich.

Soon thereafter, you are all sated, blissfully content, and you drift off to sleep.

This could be the start of a beautiful threesome relationship. (And it is.)

Soon, Amy moves in with you and you have sex as a threesome, and as couples. You and your girlfriend, you and your step-sister, your girlfriend and your step-sister. Sometimes, the third person watches. Sometimes not. No jealousy. Just lots of love, and lots of sex.

The End