Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

It’s her family’s home number! To this point, no one in her family or her friends know about your girlfriend’s exposure, and while you both knew it was a possibility that it could happen (and one you both found kinda hot, honestly,) the reality is still kinda scary. You can see that in Rachel’s face. But she has no choice, and she knows it. It was a risk that came with this, and there is no turning back now. Or heck, maybe the call has nothing to do with this, who knows?

“Rachel? Are you alright?”

“Umm… yes Daddy, I am. Just hanging out with Ross. Why? Everything alright with you?”

“Yes, everything’s alright here. But your brother just showed me a message he got on Facebook. Someone had sent him a link to some… other website? And there were pictures and videos of… you on there. And your phone number, your name, saying and doing all kinds of sexual stuff. Did you know about this? Are you in trouble? Did someone post this? An ex, maybe? Or maybe it was Ross? Is he there with you right now? Is it safe for you to talk? Maybe you should go into another room?”

She takes a deep breath. “It’s alright, Daddy. Yes, I knew about those. No, it isn’t an ex, and it certainly isn’t Ross. Unless you mean in the sense of him as an accomplice. To me. I posted them. We posted them. With my full consent and cooperation. We were looking for… a way to… diversify our sex life… a way that was safe. And this is what we came up with. The ultimate in ‘look, but don’t touch,’ I guess you could call it. I have been getting calls and messages for the past two months and change. And it has been the most amazing foreplay for us since then.”

Noticing your facial expression in response to her conversation with her dad, she pauses and turns to you. “I wanted to reassure him. I don’t have privacy from strangers, why would I want or expect privacy from my own family? If random internet perverts all over the world are gonna have uncensored access to my info and pics, why would I hide anything from my immediate family?”

She turns back to her conversation with her dad. “If you want, I can come by, and we can chat about this? Get it all out in the open, so you can ask me any questions you want. Both individually and as a family.”

“Umm… I think that would definitely be for the best, Rachel. Will Ross be coming too?”

“Yes. Is that a problem? Maybe tonight for dinner?”

“That should be okay, I will just need to check with your mother.”

“Okay. Text me to confirm or to change the plans if need be. Bye, Daddy. Talk to you later!”

“Bye, Rachel.”

She hugs you. “We’ll be having dinner with them tonight, Daddy. Probably. He needs to check with mom to confirm, but there is basically no chance they’ll say no, with this stuff to talk about. My parents are gonna be having a fit over this. But I’m an adult. A consenting adult. And I am happy. I have never been happier in my entire life. Though I will need to remember to call him Daddy, and not you when we go over there tonight!” Rachel giggles mischievously. “I wonder if I will get any action tonight while we’re there, Daddy? Can I? If they want, can they use your slut?”

“That was another of your fantasies, wasn’t it, baby girl? To be your family’s fuckpet, huh? Well, since you’re on the pill, if they want to use you, they should be allowed to. No strangers, cause that is hard to control for diseases and whatnot. But I assume your family is clean. We gonna record that too? Maybe after tonight, you’ll be a legit ‘mother fucker!’” you laugh.

“Mmmm… yes Daddy. Thank you Daddy!” She squeals in delight, and hugs you tighter, pressing her bare tits into your chest.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart. Now to pick out your outfit for tonight…”

Eventually, you settle on a mid-thigh skirt, no panties (obviously), a pink spaghetti-strap top and matching bra. You can tell she isn’t overly enthused about wearing a bra, but she obeys, good girl that she is. For her hosiery, you have her in a pink and white garter belt and thigh-highs set. And you top off her outfit with some pink four-inch heels.

Then, you give her a butt plug and some nipple clamps. She begins to protest.

“What? They probably won’t be seeing you naked tonight, but if they do, we want them to see the real you, right? You said you weren’t gonna hide anything from your immediate family. Heck, maybe you should strip off your top and skirt once you’re in the door.”

You see your girlfriend’s eyes glaze over at that idea. “Mmm… I… not yet, Daddy. Let them unwrap their new toy… We’ll offer me to them to play with, and then it’ll be up to them if they wanna or not, and how they wanna play with me.”

You chuckle at how much she is getting into all this. You really are an insanely lucky man. As all the people you and she have chatted with online these past two months have told you this incessantly.

“That sounds fair. Now, did you get a text from them yet?”

She checks her phone. Seven new texts. Most are from her online fans. One is from her dad. “Plans are confirmed. We’re expected there at six, with dinner planned for seven. That gives us just over an hour before we need to leave.” She uses that time to reply to as many of her fans as she can, while you get ready.

Once you are done, with nothing else to do, you wind up spending the last ten minutes worrying about this upcoming visit, playing out various scenarios in your head. You try to be optimistic, but you can’t help envisioning all sorts of “worst case” scenarios.

Finally, Rachel sees the look on your face, and comes over, and fishes out your cock, and gives you a blowjob, and insists on you finishing on her face and tits.

“Ross, they will see me marked as your property, which is what I am, and what I want to be. I love you, and there is nothing anyone can do about that. Now or ever.”

With that statement and reassurance, you kiss her, pick her up, and carry this amazing woman down to your car. She is about to pull out of your spot, when she pauses, like she realized she forgot something. She takes off her skirt, folds it carefully and puts it on the dashboard. One last edge for the road, and then she pulls out and drives you to her family’s place. You can see how wet she is, and you are sporting quite the erection. This horniness helps chase away any lingering anxieties you have. Or at least, you’re too horny to worry too much right now…

Before she gets out of the car, she puts her skirt back on, and once she is standing, she straightens it. Then you head over to have dinner, and no doubt a rather… interesting conversation with her family.