Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

“So, Ross, who do we want to invite first?” your girlfriend asks you.

You’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and the idea of another guy right away does still kind of make you uncomfortable. You tell her this, and suggest a woman first, since she is much more bi-curious than you really are, to be honest.

“So, who then? Your step-sister Amy? She and I fooled around back in college. That’s what she called it anyways…”

You get the sense that Rachel’s feelings for Amy ran deeper than “fooling around,” but you decide that this is not the time for that discussion.

“Or our neighbor, Fernanda? I’ve seen her checking us both out… or what about my friend, Monica? Heck, what about my mom? You’ve said she is a MILF, that you see where I get my looks from, and I would also love to be an actual ‘mother fucker’..”

She laughs hysterically at her joke… Again. Every time you two talk about how much of a MILF her mom is, she makes that joke, and she always laughs her head off. But she is sexy, and a very enthusiastic and open-minded lover, so you find it much easier to indulge her goofiness from time to time.

You mull over the options… All so sexy…