Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

Fernanda is a little nervous, but after a moment’s thought, she says, “I… want to fuck you, while she is watching us. Tied to the chair, like in a… cuckold video, I think is the English word? But it’s the woman who is tied and has to watch her partner be fucked by someone else. Is that the right word? And is that something you two would be okay with us doing?”

You look at Rachel, and ask Fernanda if she can give you a couple of minutes to discuss this. She says sure, she needs to go the bathroom anyway, so you can just call her when you’re ready. She’ll wait in the living room in the meantime, maybe read a magazine or something. “Or masturbate…” she giggles.

“Rachel, what do you think? You mentioned wanting to experiment with women, and with cuckolding. One down, and now maybe the other one. Or had you meant you and a guy while I watch?”

“I… yeah, I had meant that. But… she is really sexy. You like her? Like, really like her? Where, if we hadn’t met, you might have been her boyfriend right now instead of mine?”

You can see she is getting anxious, and her insecurities are pretty high. You can imagine you would be having a similar reaction now if the roles were reversed and you were discussing her cucking you with a guy.

“She is a very beautiful woman, Rachel. No argument. We’re both attracted to her. But isn’t that part of a cuckold relationship or fantasy? The person watching is feeling insecure, because their partner is with someone else who is satisfying them in a way they can’t. But for us, this is a fantasy. A role-play. I love and adore you, Rachel. But if I was a cuckold, I would want you to be satisfied, to be happy, with your lover. And tonight, you are playing the role of a cuckqueen, a woman who would be watching her partner with someone else. So, I would hope you can be happy for me. If this is something you are uncomfortable with, we can tell Fernanda that we are not ready for at this point, I promise. So, what is the verdict?”

Your girlfriend spends a few minutes thinking about what you said, and about her feelings about this. “She wants this, you want this, and I did say I wanted to explore cuckolding, so it is only fair I explore this side of it too. Who knows how it’ll make me feel if we don’t try it, right? So yeah, I want you to cuck me with our hot Brazilian neighbor.

So you call Fernanda in, and tell her the good news. You take a couple minutes to tie Rachel to a chair in the corner, all the while you both are feeling her up while carefully and obviously avoiding her clit. You want her horny and frustrated as she sits there, watching you both helplessly.

Soon, you are satisfied she isn’t going anywhere, and can’t get loose.

“Mmm… Ross, tying your girlfriend to that chair got me so hot…” Fernanda says to you, dragging a fingernail gently up each of your arms. Now that she can’t move, you are all mine, and I will show you what a real woman can do to please a man! All she can do is watch and learn.“

“You better pay close attention, Rachel, or she might just wind up stealing me away from you for good!” you tease. “Then you’d be a cuckqueen forever! Or is that what you really wanted, baby? Is that why you invited her over here tonight? To give me to her? To see if she was really a better lover for me? Tell me, Rachel. Tell me you know she is a better lover for me than you could ever be… Beg me to be her lover from now on so you can be our full-time cuckqueen…”

Rachel is in shock.

“It’s okay, baby,” you continue. “I know. You didn’t know I knew. Hearing you beg us will get us both off even harder… You just watch us… That’s all you can do anyways. And it’s what we all know you want to do…”

You take Fernanda to your bed. “This is the bed we first made love in. Now it will be yours and mine from now on, Fernanda. Let’s christen it while our sexy little cucky girl in the corner watches. If she wasn’t bound, I know she would be fisting herself while I was fisting you.”

Fernanda moans, and begs you to get started on fisting her. She is so wet already, and you quickly have three fingers in her tight, grasping twat. Then you add a fourth. She is moaning, and you look right at Rachel, watching her every reaction, as you work your thumb into Fernanda’s cunt, filling it up, and you start pistoning your fist in and out.

“Fernanda is so lucky… And I can’t wait to fuck her ass too… You never let me fuck your ass, Rachel. Now, no one will ever fuck you again. Now you’re gonna be a cuckqueen. Maybe we should get you a chastity belt for your birthday in a couple days. Would you like that? Beg us to buy you a chastity belt for your birthday, Rachel. Come on. You know you want it… Be a good little cuckqueen, and beg for a chastity belt while our way-sexier-than-you neighbor is fucking me like you never could or would…”

As you are saying all this, you are now working your cock into Fernanda’s ass. Her moans get even louder… Soon, you are double-fucking her, and you feel yourself on the verge of maybe the most intense orgasm of your life. Fernanda has already had multiple orgasms, including squirting once.

“Please… lock me in chastity, so I can be your cuckqueen forever!” howls Rachel. “You two are such an amazing couple, it’s obvious. Please! I want to be your chaste cuckqueen maid from now on! I’ll clean your house, and your holes from now on.”

Hearing Rachel say that pushes you both over the edge, and you both explode in orgasm. Fernanda is squirting again, completely soaking your bedsheets, (and as you will discover the next day, down almost all the way through your mattress).

Once you two recover, and come down from that incredible high, you struggle up to untie Rachel. Once you do, and you rub some feeling back into her limbs, she drops to her knees, and starts licking you both all over until you’re both clean, taking extra time to pay special attention to cleaning your cum out of Fernanda’s holes, savoring the taste.

But, eventually, all good things must come to an end, and Fernanda has to go home, as she has work the next day. Rachel suggests she should sleep here, but Fernanda says that you need to discuss what happened, “without the haze of lust clouding your vision” before things can continue. You tell your girlfriend that Fernanda is right, so she can have at least one more night sharing your bed before she gets moved to a pet bed on the floor. Besides, you don’t have a pet bed for her yet anyways.

When Fernanda has gone, you cuddle with Rachel in bed, and after fifteen minutes of cuddling, you head to the bathroom. She hears water running, then you come back, pick her up, and bring her to the bath you’ve run for her. You tell her she is to take however long she needs in there to relax, and to think about what has happened here tonight.

When Rachel comes back out, you invite her to sit with you in bed, and you ask her what she thought of this experience, and where she wants to go from here.