Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anne Nony Mouse...)

Your girlfriend looks a little nervous as she starts. “I… liked it? But I am not sure about actually going that far yet. Maybe for my birthday next year, we can get me a chastity belt. Or this year, and experiment with that stuff, and next year for my birthday, maybe it becomes a more… full-time part of my life… And I do love you, and I do want to feel your cock in my holes. You can fuck my ass any time you want from now on, I swear! I’m sorry I was such a bad girlfriend! Please don’t leave me! I’ll be better. Please train me! Teach me how to make you happier, so you won’t need anyone else…” She is ranting now, on the verge of a panic attack.

“There there, baby,” you hug her tightly. “Calm down. I ain’t leaving you. Not now, not ever. That was a role-play. Like I told you upfront. It is true we’d never had anal sex. But you had said it was something you were concerned about due to my size and your being so petite… And I don’t want to hurt you. Ever. I love you so much, and it is so hard for me to insult you without it making me uncomfortable, that I had to say things that fit the cuckolding scenario, but were so far from the truth that it didn’t take me out of that headspace. I’m sorry, Darling. Then I just got carried away. It’s sex. We all say dumb shit during sex, right? The blood rushes from our brain to our crotch, so dumb stuff coming out of our mouth is almost to be expected. I lust after Fernanda, but I love you. Prior to this, you were the best lover I have ever had. By a mile. That has now changed. Now, it is much closer, but you are still the best I’ve ever had. Plus, we have a history. We know each other on such a deep level that Fernanda and I just don’t. For example, I know that whenever you are on hold on the phone, you twirl your hair behind your ear with your fingers with whatever hand you’re not holding your phone in. You don’t do it when you are listening to a person, only when you’re on hold. You’ve never told me that, I learned it through years of getting to know you, and living with you.”

“Oh…okay.” Rachel brightens a bit now, seemingly reassured. “So then… do you still want to cuckold me with her or someone else in the future?”

“Only if you want it to, my dear.”

“Ummm… I still want to try cuckolding you with a guy… How about this… I talk to my boss John tomorrow at work, and invite him here to have some… fun. We’ll tie you down like you and Fernanda did to me tonight. If you enjoy it, we’ll become swingers. And take turns fucking someone while the other watches, and maybe even have some foursomes. If you hate it, you can cuck me with Fernanda, or anyone else you want to. Does that sound like something you could be okay with?”